Welcome To FYI

by FYI Recruiting

Welcome To FYI Recruiting


Hi  There My Fellow Entrepreneurs:),

I am so excited that you are here! Truly, I have SO much I want to share with you, that I have learned on my journey to success. I love serving people, and I realized that blogging is the easiest way for me to serve as many people as possible.

The name of this blog stems from me wanting to give people valuable information, and that is where I get the FYI part. Originally this was going to be a recruiting blog, about how to recruit for your business, but I soon realized that I wanted to talk about more than recruiting. I decided I wanted to help the “newbie” to the internet, as well as the person struggling to get customers or leads for their business.

If you are someone just starting out, there are several things you need, before you learn how to get leads & customers for your business. Like with every business, online or offline, you have to have a foundation, a great starting point, before you try to hire employees, recruit team members, or get your first customer. So I wanted to be a resource for the new person to the internet as well.

My expertise is HR, Recruiting, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, Paid Traffic, & now SEO:).  For me, my expertise really tie in together……Every business needs leads & customers to survive, and I use internet strategies to accomplish this. I have an offline business & online business and I use internet strategies in both. At the end of the day though, there is no difference, every business now needs an online presence. Go where the people are…….

I have so many things in my arsenal, and all the skills I have acquired, have led me to this point, the point where I am right now. In this mind frame of thankfulness, optimism, and abundance. I am so excited so share it all with you!

This blog will serve many purposes:

-To share my story (man it’s a crazy one…..LOL)

-Share the knowledge of my journey thus far

-Help & support as many people as I can see the “light” at the end of the tunnel

-Let Everyone know that being a successful entrepreneur IS possible (especially with the internet as your vehicle)

-Help business owners realize the power of the internet & grow their business.

– Help Entrepreneurs start making more money, or increase their revenue (if you are one of the rare few that is actually making the cash you desire;))

-Build great friendships with lovely people all across the web

Now, you might ask yourself, why should I listen to you,……..ok, ok, keep calm, I am getting to that part………..

I have always been intrigued with marketing, but decided to do what was easy for me……human resources (HR). To give you the readers digest version, I grew up around HR. My mother is in HR, I have many friends in HR, and a beautiful sister in HR. I had access to a large network of HR professionals, so it was “easy” for me to get my FIRST J.O.B in HR, and many subsequent jobs that followed………..

When I finally decided to leave my corporate HR job as a Regional HR Manager with multiple locations, MOST people thought I had LOST my mind……literally.

I was single, with children, and a “good” J.O.B. In me, deep down, I felt like I was destined for more…..at my core, I was not fulfilled, not happy, and I knew I had to make a change, and FAST! Now, I don’t recommend that anyone do it like I did……Have a better plan….I had hit a breaking point and knew I had to GET OUT….by any means necessary, ya feel me?

I decided I was DONE…..Done with the unappreciative boss, BS policies ( I was enforcing policies I didn’t agree with, and when I tried to make a positive change for the benefit of the employees, the executive team NEVER wanted to make changes)…..Making changes that will inspire your workforce, and make life better for them, what a concept……unfortunately, I had to sell my first born to make even minor changes, like “flextime” for my employees. How dumb is that?…..

Most companies make the colossal mistake of doing what is best for their bottom line instead of what is best for the hardworking people that create revenue for the company with their blood, sweat, and tears……I could never quite get the companies I worked for to understand that if you create an environment where you treat people with respect, and like they are the life blood of your company, then you will increase the companies bottom line beyond their wildest dreams………

SO how did I get to the point where I am writing to you today? Well, ok, I’ll tell you, but remember, you asked;)

I am trying to give you the short version, but as we get to know each other, you will end up getting all the details.

I am no stranger to entrepreneurship.  As a young child I was begging my Parents to let me host a garage sales so that I could profit off my old stuff.

When I was 18 I built a team of 10 in Mary Kay, however, I got sick and tired of chasing people down, and practically begging them to place their orders, and “work” their business.  I used every strategy from making my list of everyone I knew I could call and bug the hell out of, to carrying around a clear purse with make-up samples in it. I would even go to Vista Ridge Mall and spend hours dressed in my pink coat passing out samples, and giving free makeovers. WOW, I don’t miss those days!

I have tried my hand at selling on Ebay & Craigslist, I have tried several other MLM’s, network marketing, affiliate marketing, you name it……

I have spent thousands of dollars on courses, products, coaches….I’ve even been ripped off a few times, as embarrassing as that is for me to admit:/, it’s true

When I tell you I have been there and done that, trust me I have. LOL

The bad part is NONE of the opportunities I tried made me enough money to retire off of…..

I’ve always dreamed of having my own business, it is in my heart, in my blood. I wouldn’t be happy even if I was making $1,000,000 as an employee…..

You say, yeah right, but I am SO serious……it is just NOT me, it’s really not.

I like being able to live life, MY way…..I don’t like having to ask my “boss” for a day off, or ask if I can take off for my daughter’s birthday, or worry about getting fired because my baby catches the flu…..that is SO BOGUS!

Really, you give your mind, time, and life to these dang companies, and what do you get for it??? A gold watch at retirement, when you have given them 30 years, and you are too old to see the damn watch…….

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but dang, a J.O.B is NOT for me! If you LOVE your job, then I celebrate you, and tell you to have fun and be happy:).

I currently have an offline business HR Consulting & an online business as an internet marketer & SEO expert. I have clients across the nation. I no longer go into an office to work, I work from home, sitting next to my kids, with cartoons, or CNN playing in the background.

At the end of the day, I will give you one of my BIG secrets to success….Never, ever, ever give up. Find the perfect income stream for you, and repeat it until you are making the money you want to make, and living the life you want to live.

Knowing how to generate leads & get customers is a huge piece of the success equation…..stick with me, and you will learn that part;)

Successful Business Online

Never Give Up



Fail forward, don’t stop, and stay focused. You WILL live your dreams! You WILL Live Life YOUR Way!

So many nights I was scared, depressed, and didn’t know how I would generate money again, but I MADE it, and if I can make it, YOU can make it! It for you might be $2000/month, it might be making your first commission online…..It is whatever YOU want it to be.

Open your mind, and grow……

I challenge you to become a lifetime student….Learn, Act, & teach others what you know.

Nothing will move in your business until you do, so let’s get busy!

I look forward to sharing my business, my tips, and my heart with each and every one of you.

Have a question, please leave a comment, or contact me.


Thanks for stopping by, and getting to know a little more about me:)

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!