Still Advertising In The Yellow Pages? I know Why…..

by FYI Recruiting

Advertising In Yellow PagesWhere are your Yellow Pages books??

Great marketing campaigns can be hard to come by. As a smaller business, sometimes you really don’t know where to begin…..

Well I will tell you that you are not alone, large companies sometimes don’t know what they are doing either…..

This brings me to the point of the great yellow book aka the yellow pages:).

I walked outside of my front door just yesterday, and what was at my door step?

Holy CRAP!!!!

A Yellow Pages book, WOW…..I honestly didn’t know they still existed.

I think that one of my children puts it directly in the recycle bin on their way outside, so I haven’t seen a new one in years

That is until yesterday……

So it prompted me to chat with each of my clients, and some of my marketing friends working for major brands in Corporate America

I began my quest for answers………

Are Yellow Pages At Your Door Step Still Working?????

I remember, back in the 90’s, if you didn’t have an updated yellow pages, you were a loser. Not to be funny, but yellow pages were the main information source if you wanted to know about businesses, and if you wanted to look up people.

I know for a fact, almost everyone in my neighborhood had theirs in the kitchen, in an easy to access locale;)

Ok, so back to the question at hand…….I had to dig deep to come to a conclusion on this….

I tried not to just assume everyone sends it to the recycle bin like me…….

Advertising in The Yellow Pages Doesnt Work

Why Are Companies Still Advertising In Yellow Pages book?

The 2 main reasons I have found that people still use yellow pages are:

1. Strictly out of habit: Remember, as humans we are creatures of habit, and companies are no different. Companies are run by people, so it’s only natural that you are able to find habitual patterns in companies across the nation as well.

Think of it this way, how often do you change your car or homeowners insurance? Even though, if you were to change it, you would probably save a few bucks a year, it is easier just to staty with the company you are with…..out of being comfortable, and out of habit, we stay.

How often do you go to church, or your favorite movie theatre, and sit in the same general area or same seat?

Why??…’s all about the habits my friend. The habits we form that makes us comfortable.

Companies in the Yellow Pages have a budget that they have had for years set aside for the Yellow Pages. I would be interested to see if they are tracking their return on the YP book investment.  The companies that I checked with were not tracking it.

To be fair, the companies weren’t track wasted office supplies, or several other wasted dollars in the company either. Only the major things the company deemed “important” were they tracking.

Such as product creation budgets, shrinkage rates, ect…..


2. Yellow Pages has an amazing sales force. The fact that these men and women can still sell add space in a YP book in this internet driven world we live in is AMAZING! They should get a sales team of the century award for this one……..

These days, even kindergarteners have cellphones, and we use our cellphones for our new information portal of choice.

Think about it…..when you want to find out about that hot new restaurant, or a sale going on at Target, where do you turn…..the internet.

When you want to find out about a business or a particular product, where do you turn?…..

Simple answer is….the world wide web.

In my opinion it would be better for a business to spend their advertising dollars on an online paid advertising campaign, than on an ad in the YP book.

Your business being seen on the first page of one of the search engines is worth thousands, and even millions of dollars…….can the same still be said about the YP book???

To be fair to YP, once again, we must recognize that they do have an online version, and this helps in their battle to stay relevant.

Yellow pages advertising not as effectiveas it once was

I do have a client who is a plumber that said he gets atleast 10% of his business from the Yellow Pages (this is both offline book & online YP combined).

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business with the YP book is not the most effective strategy of marketing these days…


Just like the decline of the newspaper, the Yellow Pages at your doorstep is soon to be a thing of the past…….

This is why I have focused on, and built this blog around online marketing methods. I decided to go where the people are, and it’s not in the Yellow Pages.

The big yellow book no longer holds it’s place on the kitchen counter in homes accross America, or next to the phone…

The phone has helped us kick YP book to the curb….well, hopefully to the recycle bin….

YP is no longer your magic pill for advertising, so if you are continuing to spend money on the book, I challenge you to track your ROI for one month, from the ads you place in the book, and let me know what you come up with…..I would love to hear!

The YP is no longer the “answer” to your marketing.

As a business owner you better get real familiar with the best way to market your business, or you won’t have a business, it’s that simple.

I am a business owner myself, and at the beginning, I didn’t know how to get customers, or market to my ideal audience, but I wasted alot of money, and I learned alot, but lucky you, you can learn from some of my stupid mistakes.

Start Effective Marketing Campaigns, & Stop Wasting Your Hard Earned Cash

Online marketing IS the best way to market your business today. You can try this youtube method, if you don’t know where to start.

For instance, if if you are an insurance agent looking for customers, try this:

1. Jot down a list of questions your customers normally have about their insurance.

2. Jot down a detailed answer on paper

3. Get a webcam, and record the answer to 1 question at a time, and post on Youtube

4. Share the video on your social media outlets, and make sure the title is engaging (Example title: How much will it cost to get life insurance in Dallas, Tx: Insurance agent tells all)- of course this is off the cuff, but you get the idea:).

Post videos consistently, and you will have more customers than you can handle! It works!!

No More Yellow Pages, Make The Internet Your Marketing Vehicle

I’ve been online for the last few years, and I have seen it evolve, and seen how effective it can be when you learn the right strategies for your business.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages is not as effective as it used to be.

I would urge you to get out of your comfort zone, and start spending your dollars the right way……….

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Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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