Six Tips to Building Your Business Using Social Media

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Six Tips to Building Your Business Using Social Media


Struggling to use social media to get more customers, and build your business? It can be tough to figure out how to communicate on all these social networks…..

The hard part is not communicating on social media, but communicating the right way to get what you want…..more eyeballs on your biz……

Building Your Business Using Social Media









Social Media is one of the most powerful ways to connect to your customers today.

This video was made a few years ago, but still very relevant on how powerful social media has become, and how it continues to grow.

Since this video on social media, the numbers, stats, and trends have just gotten bigger…..

I hope you liked the video, although I can’t take credit for making this one, I can say that I agree…..

Social media is where it’s at………

No matter what business you are in, if you are not using social media, you are missing out on money

And I know you don’t like to miss out on green……lol

Ok, let’s chat about a couple key things to remember when using social media……..

Remember: Real People Are On The Internet

Many business owners decide that they need to be on the internet because everyone tells them they need to be on the internet.  They make the mistake of thinking that the internet is SO big that they will increase their revenue just because of the number of people online.

Now, you are getting to know me by now, so you know my mantra is “lifetime learner”…..

I truly believe everyone should be a lifetime learner, and with that said, business owners need to learn how to get the most out of marketing online.

You need to learn the right way to interact, and connect online.

Yes, there are ALOT of people online, and as I said before, if you are not online, you are MISSING the boat…….

But know that all of these people online are being “sold” to every minute they are on the internet….from their email inbox to their facebook page, they always have offers in front of them. People become immune to seeing spammy messages, and advertising done WRONG because they see it often.

Now don’t misunderstand, advertising done the right way IS working, but spam will no longer work…..

You must remember that there a millions of people online…..

The important part of this sentence is, they are people….

You are marketing to people, connecting with people…….

Connect with people the right way the first time, because you might not get a second time.

6 Tips: Business Growth Using Social Media

1. Images- Uses images to tell a story, sell, and engage people.  You have heard the old adage a million times…….

A picture is worth a thousand words….but it’s SO true!

Pictures are engaging, and inspire conversation.

You don’t have to take pictures of your product, you can take pictures of, and find pictures of trends happening in your industry, for example.

Post pictures of things that are cool, and relate to your brand.

2. Get to searching- This is such an underused feature in social media, and is so darn easy to set up.

You can set-up searches on social media, so that you know whats being talked about related to your brand or company—-then join the conversation!

When you set-up the searches, it is really cool because you will see when people are searching for services/products like what you offer, and you can give them what they are looking for……it’s that simple.

For example, when I was strictly working as an HR consultant, I would set-up searches on twitter to find people searching for certain types of positions, and I would get them what they are looking for….positions. It was SO easy, and SO effective.

This is also a great way to see who is talking about you or your brand.  If someone posts a negative or positive comment, you can easily respond quickly:)

This is a great way to connect with people.

There are even tools like Hootsuite that will help you keep up with your tweets & mentions.

3. Raise curiosity- One way to engage people is to raise their curiosity about your product.

This is an awesome technique that really works in social media because we are curious creatures by nature.

Give them a neat benefit about your product/service, or talk about the one of the problems they will have solved by buying from you.

I think the entertainment, and particularly the movie industry is perfect at this…….

like a movie trailer……..make them want to know more…..

then be willing to jump in and have conversations. This is a great way to connect.

A few places that work really well for piquing interest are Twitter & Linkedin groups. Both have worked really well for me.

4. Try paid campaigns- Paid campaigns, are a great way to get your message out there to the masses quicker. Paid campaigns will get your offer seen by more eyeballs.

Now, I have had clients come to me and say, “Facebook paid ads don’t work”,

And to them I say “Tell that to my buddy you who made $50,000 on a t-shirt campaign using just facebook paid ads

They do work, but before you go dump alot of money into facebook ads, you need to make sure you have a properly developed ad, and a great offer.

I could probably talk about this topic all day but I will leave that for another post, another day, but if you have questions, contact me.

Use ads to get your brand out there, get noticed, and start connecting, it works wonders.

5. Find out where existing customers are- As you get customers, the easiest way to find out what social media they are using is to ask. Ask them to add you to their social media, and ask them where they are in social media. This is the easiest way to find out where they are hanging out.

Just ask…..

It’s great because you already have a fan of your product, so why not connect with them on social media, and let them help you spread the word about your company.

So if you already collect data from your customers like email, just add an additional field and ask them what social media networks they are apart of……

The bottom line is be where your customers are…..

6. BE responsive and update your profiles-I touched on this a bit earlier, but you want to make sure that you are connecting, talking, and building relationships daily.  You must be responsive to your customers, and people reaching out to you.

Show them you are a real person, and show them that you value them, and their feedback.

This is very important, and a tip that should not to be overlooked.

It will also help you stand out because there are many companies out there that are not doing this.

Updating your profiles often will also keep you at the forefront of your customers mind.

The Don’ts When Building Your Business Using Social Media

  • Don’t make it obvious your end goal it to get a sell….care about people first, and the sale will come
  • Don’t send unsolicited links to your site or product to people you don’t know, again, build relationships FIRST (ever seen the sign that says NO SOLICITATION….no-one likes to feel like they are being sold)
  • Don’t expect results the same day you start using social media, it takes time to build a following, and build long-term connections
  • Don’t ditch everything else you are doing in your marketing efforts, and focus all resources on social media….use social media to compliment what you are already doing to build your business

I hope I have given you somethings to think about, and have helped you in your efforts to build a long lasting business presence online.

Did This Help You? If so, please comment below, or share on your social media network!

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

Tips For Building Your Business With Social Media From Kay Gambrell

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