2 Secrets To Making Money Online In 2015

by FYI Recruiting

2 Secrets To Making Money Online In 2015

Make Money Online 2015How in the world are you my saavy entrepreneurs???

I know I vanished like a thief in the night, BUT I have a good REASON…..

I will get to that a little later,

But first I wanted to talk to you about making some serious cash as an entrepreneur.

You know what drives me crazy?

Over the last 6 months I have seen SO many marketers come & go…..

They start out with fireworks in their eyes, and passion that could fuel a Learjet,

Then all of a sudden, I check back on them a few months later, only to find they are gone….

see ya laterNo see ya later alligator, nothing…..

They are just POOF…….gone:(

They weren’t able to crack the code to making money online, and they gave up…..

They became defeated and let the self-doubt creep in and ruin what could have been…..

Is this you?

How many times have you started trying to crack the money making code, only to find yourself $2 dollars short, or a minute too late???

Well I am about to help you make a comeback like tight rolled jeans!

Ok, so let me veer off topic for 1 little bitty second……

tight rolled jeansIn the late 80’s it was SO dang cool to tight roll your pants, well guess what…IT’S BACK!

My 18 year old nephew is now tight rolling his pants! OMG! Next it will be flat tops and hammer pants!! LOL

Good thing I never throw away my old clothes. LOL

So now let’s get back on track and talk about your comeback!


Cracking The Code To Making Money Online

cracking the code to making moneyIn order to make real money online,

The type of money that 97% of people will never make,

you need knowledge…….

Lucky for you I am willing to share what I have learned!

First Secret To Making Cash on The Net:

great product to make money onlineYou need a Great product and or program that you are passionate about.

I mean this must be a real no-brainer in your eyes.

It must be something that you believe in, that you know without a shadow of a doubt you can make money with.

For me, it is this.

I believe that leveraging proven systems is our future, and the time is now to capitalize on this amazing trend.

On a side note, I knew this was the opportunity for me because:

  • It is exclusive, not for tire kickers, but entrepreneurs who understand the importance of investing in proven systems. You know I like exclusive….lol
  • Every person I have introduced to this has thanked me
  • I have the opportunity to become a multi-millionaire, & I WILL (watch out Bill Gates…lol)
  • This is a company of integrity
  • This is a great opportunity for the action taker
  • Team support is amazing
  • Just to name a few…..

In 2009 I had the opportunity to invest in bitcoin, when bitcoin was only a few cents per coin. I told my friend I didn’t think people would use bitcoin as a real currency, so I said No….

I was wrongBoy was I WRONG!!!

Had a bought bitcoin back then, I would be a multi, multi millionaire today! At it’s highest, bitcoin was worth over $1000 per bitcoin!

I promised myself,

If I was ever fortunate enough to get a second chance on a great opportunity, I would do it, and go ALL in!

I am living my second chance! What I found is better than bitcoin!

How is that for second chances? LOL

For me it was a no-brainer! I had to do it!

Anyway, the bottom line is you better have a rock solid program & product if you want true success.

Amazing opportunity







Second Secret To Making Cash On The Net:

Sales funnelNow that you have an awesome product,

You need a way to present that product to your target audience.

To do this you need a Good Sales Funnel.

Take your lead through a process that will turn them into a loyal customer.

There are several ways to do this.

Here is a basic sales funnel above.

If you need more information on this, find me on Facebook, and I can clarify it for you:)

Bonus Tip To Making Cash Online:

more ammo to make money online 2015So you have an out of this world product/program, & an awesome sales funnel.

You are super-charged with almost everything you need to make great cash online!

To give you more ammo,

An additional tip for you is:

You need to master one lead generation strategy that will keep you in front of your target audience.

There are so many different ways to get leads to your online business.

You can use everything from social media to pay per click advertising.

You can use free sources, or if you have money to invest, you can do that too.

The possibilities are endless!

I would suggest, don’t get overwhelmed, and just focus on one at a time.

Once you can generate business leads daily with your lead generation strategy,

Then you can move onto the next…

Or if you are bored and realize you hate the lead generation strategy,

Then RUN to the next one. LOL

Follow the advice above and you will be dancing like I do every-time I receive a text message saying I got a new commission.

You will see me grooving like Jean Claude Van Damme in the video below. LOL

This is a classic and I absolutely love this dance scene, it makes me belly laugh whenever I see it!!

So if you want to start dancing and celebrating too, you better get to work.

The bottom line is YOU CAN DO IT!

Don’t pull a vanishing act on your dreams….

You have to be willing to live like no-one else now (sacrifice),

So later you can live like no-one else (success online),

Take the tips above & go smack success!

If you have questions about anything, reach out to me here, or on facebook.

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

business time management From Kay Gambrell





-Kay “Helping You Make It Online” Gambrell

“I Teach You How To Get More Customers For Your Business, & Make More Money Using The Internet!”

P.S Just imagine how your business will explode when you start using the tips above!

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