Scribd For Traffic Generation- What You Need To Know

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Scribd For Traffic Generation

How To Use Scribd To Get More Visitors To Your Website/Offer

scribd for traffic generationI know I talk alot about traffic generation, lead generation, getting more customers, and all that jazz……

But it’s only because I actually like you, and it’s so darn important.

I want to see your business be all that you know it can be…..

I want to see you #liveyourdreams

I am not gonna go all crazy on ya and start using hashtags everywhere, but I had to use that one;)

There’s no need for generic traffic generation on the web.

If you are using the same tired strategies, and the same tired lines as all of the other inexperienced people trying to market their product online, you are going to be in for a rude awakening……

NO CUSTOMERS… would you like that to slap you in the face……you put your time and energy into trying to get customers, just to find that your efforts were fruitless…..

Time, not well spent is BAD for business. Click here to read more about how time suckers can KILL your business.

Wasted time, and no customers…..

Now dat ain’t good….lol

You must make sure that in every strategy you employ, that you stand out from the rest… original, please my friend, be original.

I became a successful online entrepreneur by realizing this early-on, and creating interesting ways to get my message across.

More on this in a minute.  But first, back to Scribd……

What is Scribd?

Scribd is a file sharing site where you can upload and share scholastic work, presentations, your own books, articles, case studies and guides; you can actually use Scribd for traffic generation which we will discuss in a bit.

This neat site is like a Google for documents…use keywords and when people search docs, BOOM, traffic city baby…..

Only share your own unique work on this platform….don’t get caught slipping, or you will get thrown in scribd jail, banned from sharing, and costing yourself targeted traffic, and lots of it…..

Shoot, let me get back to telling you more about it.

It’s like an information repository that you can be a part of whenever you  want to share information about your company, or product. Just make sure the content you share isn’t blatantly selling, but you can show that you are knowledgeable in your industry.

Scribd is also great for SEO, but this will take me 10 blog posts to tall you about, so we will visit this another day, ok?

This is an untapped resource, and a great way to get targeted visitors to your website/offer.

More About Scribd

Create an account in Scribd, look for the “Sign Up” button and follow instructions.

Fill out the registration form completely with your personal details including your name, username, email address, password etc.

They will ask you to verify your email by clicking a link in the message they sent to your email account. Once this is done you can log in and start completing your profile and other details and upload your content and use Scribd for traffic generation.

FYI: The minimum word count that’s accepted in Scribd is around 250 words long per article; however, you can write as much as several thousand words if necessary.

A word of caution to this story though…..

If you use too many keywords in your content you will be declared as a spammer and will be penalized for it, including blocking your account, I will talk about this more in a few:).

Upload your content to Scribd. Once you’ve finished uploading it you can now fill out the tags in the tags section. Use the same keywords you used in your content when you fill out that section. This is an important part in employing Scribd for traffic generation.

The Importance Of Doing What Everyone Else Isn’t Doing:

The whole idea of originality in advertising is foreign to most business owners….

If you can master being, well, how can I say this….a non-bore…..being unique…you are a step ahead of the rest.

Stand out in your industry, stand out in your marketing.

While everyone else is wearing black and white stripe t-shirts, I want you to find a red shirt with a crazy, big red hat, and put that on…..

Be different, and you can laugh all the way to the bank.

If you wanna make cash you can stash……..if you want that green people fiend….

You must put your creative Sam I Am hat on, and start thinking way outside of that dirty ole shoebox… better find new ways to use the internet…..

I will be here to give you ideas, but it is up to you, to grow your baby…the business that will put you on the map….you can do it!

Scribd Your Business To The Top

scribd for traffic generationLike I said before, most business owners are not using Scribd, and if they are, they are doing it wrong….

They are being generic, or posting content that is not all that valuable……or they are posting valuable content, but not delivering it with a pretty bow on it….

Get my drift?

Scribd might be just what the doctor ordered…..kid tested, mother approved;). Get new targeted visitors to your site daily from just one upload.

Now you can do it BIG, and create a consistent amount of uploads for your industry, and then you will just continue to watch the traffic roll in…..

Scribd is a great addition to your marketing campaign!

Now don’t expect reults 2 hours later, but do what I’ve told you, and you can expect results!

Now you know, the dilly-yo’, on how to use for traffic generation.


Have you learned something on the power of Scribd, and how it is beneficial to your business? If so, share with someone else looking to grow their biz!

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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