Pinterest Marketing- Top 10 Practices To Grow Your Business Revealed

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Pinterest Marketing

pinterest marketingI know, I preach alot about traffic generation, lead generation, and getting targeted visitors for you business, but it’s only because I care:).

Well since caring is sharing, let’s talk about Pinterest and how it can meet your marketing campaign needs……….

Traffic & lead generation is only half the battle…..

Knowing which strategies to use, and how to use them to get the results you want is the other piece to the puzzle.

Do you have more traffic to your business than you know what to do with?

Yeah, I get it, that’s why not riding on the pinterest traffic train is a big mistake!

Pinterest is one of my FAVORITE social media platforms, and I’ll tell you why in a just a bit:)

The question is:

Is Pinterest Marketing right for your business?

pinterest marketingMy short answer: if you want more website traffic, and from an audience that is visual and engaged with your brand,

Then YOU BETCHA it is!!!

Pinterest gives you the opportunity:

1. To show case your brand

2. To inspire your target audience

3. To show your “how to”, and informational experitise

4. To post awesome valuable, and helpful content

5. To truly launch your imagination & get creative

6. To Attract new business that might not know about you, and let the masses know about your brand or company.

Pinterest In The News

Pintrest is getting noticed, and making waves. Still not sure if you should add Pinterest to your marketing campaign, check out the new stories below that might be of interest to you:

Pinterest Web News

Pinterest On Fox News

Pinterest On ABC (Video)

In case you were confused, Pinterest is the real deal, and a great addition to your overall marketing strategy…..

I’m just sayin’ :)

From The Perspective Of Marketing : Why Pinterest So Awesome:

pinterest marketingPinterest is:

1. 3rd most popular social network in US, and TOP 50 site in the world

Not to shabby ehh….

This site has only been mainstream a few years, and they have quickly shown their worth

2. Fastest growing social network ever

Google+ is close behind:).

Pinterest is growing faster than Facebook did when it came out…..

Eat your heart out Zuckerberg….

They continue to grow in the double digit percentages month over month

3. 3rd highest traffic source on the web.

They refer more traffic than Yahoo, Bing, & Twitter combined!

Now that’s POWER!

If you have GREAT content, then you better be sharing it on Pinterest, or you are truly missing out

Pinterest is a top tier marketing source, and very valuable to your website!

Get targeted traffic to your business with Pinterest.

Is Pinterest Right For Your Biz?

pinterest marketingPinterest:

1. Plays off images, and they are a great way to communicate!

2. Plays to our visual sense and helps us digest the content easily.

3. Takes 10 min or less…. to set-up an account, and it’s easy to learn Pinterest….

Sit down at your computer, and I bet you that if you make an account, you can learn the basics in 30 min or less.


If I can do it, YOU definitely can!

4. Let’s you collect, share, and create resources for your Pinterest audience

5. Gives you a chance to share alot of content in your niche or industry

You can share loads of content without being overbearing, and annoying people.

The beauty here is that your followers choose your boards that they want to follow, so as long as your board topics stay relevant to the title, your target audience will appreciate you, and love you for it!

6. Allows you to target lots of consumers without worrying about offending people

Ok, I know I mentioned this earlier, but it truly is one of the characteristics that sets this social platform apart from the others.

Imagine trying to post 100 pieces of content in a day to your Facebook wall….you would turn into the “spammy loser” so fast it would make your head spin……

With Pinterest, it’s just not like that….the more content with Pinterest the better!

7. Drives ton of traffic

Ok, so I keep mentioning this one, but it is such a good traffic source, I want you to understand what you are currently missing if you are not using Pinterest….

8. Can generate loyalty for people to connect with your brand, & establish brand personality

9. Allows you to demonstrate services/products, and showcase the use of product

Basically you can get create, and show your target audience exactly what you can use your services to do, or show them everything you can do with your product, and the benefits of the product.

Pinterest Marketing Best Practices

pinterest marketing1. Post helpful info/content from your brand, and other relative brands (stay relevant to target audience)

2. Segment your content….create topical boards for your target audience

3. Move your content around based on relevance

For example, if you were promoting a seasonal product, and it is no longer in the season, move that pin to the end of your board

4. Update descriptions on your pin, and add a description that speaks to YOUR target audience

**Remember, you will get alot more in your marketing efforts, if you don’t try to market to EVERYONE….speak to your TARGET audience**

5. Add your brand link to relevant pins, when it makes sense

In your description about your pin, add the link to your website

Let’s say you are a recipe site, and you have just pinned a picture of a great recipe, add a link back to your site page that contains the recipe

**Remember, your description should be 500 characters or less.

6. Motivate user to click through to your website

For example, if you are a cookie shop and you are sharing a recipe, post a picture of the finished product, and make them want to click through to your site for the actual recipe

7. Be creative

8. Link to main website from profile home page (click pencil to edit)

When you first create your account you will have to fill out your profile, make sure you put your main profile link in your profile! Also, take the time to verify your website.

9. Name boards key phrases your target audience would search when they need help

10. Use keywords in description on your pins


pinterest marketing11. The easier the read, the better

make bulleted list in description, they are easier to read, and more likely to be re-pinned

12. Join the fun: like, comment, re-pin, and follow others

13. Share on your other social channels that you are on pinterest

Use built in invite button on Pinterest to invite your other friends, and customers to join you and follow you on Pinterest

14. Link from your blog to Pinterest

Use text link to say join me on Pinterest

15. Email your list or customers, and let them know your are on Pinterest

Put a link to join you on Pinterest in the email as well as a sneek preview screenshot of your board so they know the great content they are missing out on by not joining you

16. Add pin-it button on website

You can find buttons at:

**Remember: Pins are evergreen with a long shelf life…..Pinterest content doesnt have dates associated with it like other sites**


The big boys are doing it, so why can’t you?

To  name a few, even the Whitehouse, NBC News, and Mcdonalds are on Pinterest my friend!

Search for some of your favorite brands, and I bet you will be surprised by what you find…..

Or maybe you won’t be after all I have just shared with ya

Build Your Pinterest Audience:

pinterest marketingOnce you have great content on your boards….I recommend atleast 10 pins per board to start, then you need to begin finding people in your niche and follow them

Volume and consistency in your posting, and interaction is the best way…

Pin daily to gain the most momentum

Your goal is re-pins….people sharing your content which equals more eyeballs on your brand/company

New to internet marketing and think this pinterest thing is too complicated?

Check out to make pinning to your boards nice and easy

Pinterest Marketing For Your Marketing Success:

pinterest marketing loveNow you see why I LOVE Pinterest!

Don’t get left in the dust, wishing you had…..

Hop on the Pinterest train, and get more customers for your business.

If You Are Serious About Your Marketing & Want Additional Leads on Autopilot, Check This Out!

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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