Tips for Getting Internet Leads & Customers for Your Business Mother, Wife, & Successful Entrepreneur reveals stealth strategies to business owners (new to the internet) on how to generate more leads & customers for their online or offline business. Stop breaking the bank, and blowing the marketing budget without getting results! Learn online techniques to increase business revenue, so you can live life YOUR way.

There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, what's missing is the will to execute them. Seth Godin

Still Advertising In The Yellow Pages? I know Why…..

Where are your Yellow Pages books?? Great marketing campaigns can be hard to come by. As a smaller business, sometimes you really don’t know where to begin….. Well I will tell you that you are not alone, large companies sometimes don’t know what they are doing either….. This brings me to the point of the […]

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How To Retain Customers

Hey Bodacious Business Builders, I am not sure where I came up with bodacious, but it’s cool right? lol So I was chatting with one of my clients yesterday, and because he is a client that has been around for a while, sticking with me through all of the transformations of my business, I decided […]

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How To Promote On Youtube

Hey Promoting & Profiting People of the web! How goes it? Hope you are doing well:) By well I mean making money doing what you love, and living the good life!   As you know from reading my blog thus far, in the famous words of the Big Purple Dinosaur, I LOVE TO LEARN!!! Ok, […]

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Don’t Destroy Your Business-Avoid These 2 Pitfalls

Hello Enthusiastic, Efficient, Entrepreneurs! If you’re thinking, Kay, I am not all that enthusiastic, then I will tell you to go out and get some serious enthusiasm. See if you can by some at your local gym or something……lol Take my word for it, you will need enthusiasm and passion FIRST, and if you don’t […]

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Welcome To FYI

Welcome To FYI Recruiting   Hi  There My Fellow Entrepreneurs:), I am so excited that you are here! Truly, I have SO much I want to share with you, that I have learned on my journey to success. I love serving people, and I realized that blogging is the easiest way for me to serve […]

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