MTTB: My Top Tier Business Reviews

MTTB: My Top Tier Business Reviews


Disclaimer….This is a LONG post! I tried to get as detailed as possible, but if you only want to know certain things, feel free to review the titles in bold, and skip straight to those.

Hey What’s Up?

So you made it to my online “home” because you are looking for the real deal on this opportunity called MTTB aka My Top Tier Business.

MTTB not to be confused with MOBE, but I will get into how they are linked in a minute…….

I don’t believe in endorsing something I have never tried, and I also don’t believe in bashing something I have never tried. With that said, I am an MTTB partner, and that doesn’t mean you have to be one. This opportunity is not for everyone, and I will get into who it is for in a little bit.

I am here to give you the 411 FYI (for your information). Take this information, and do what you will, but this is an honest MTTB Review. I’m not gonna tell you it’s the BEST thing since sliced bread, cause Lord knows I love a good sandwich ;).

There is one thing you will get to know about me, and that is I am a researcher……almost to the point of annoying most, but I ask questions, I research, and I learn. I guess that is the pre-law coming out in me:). At one point, I thought I was going to law school, until I realized it wasn’t free. LOL

Anyway, I took a lot of pre-law, and political science courses along with my criminal justice classes. The bottom line is, I know how to dig deep to find out what I want to know……… I would have become a full-time student, if someone would’ve paid me to do so. Lol

I am in a really expensive mastermind group, and I kept hearing some of my fellow mastermind peeps talking about MOBE aka My Online Business Empire. I didn’t know what the heck it was, but when one of my friends in the group told me he made a $5,000 commission in a day, it piqued my interest.

You must understand that this mastermind is full of very successful entrepreneurs, sharing resources, tips, and success. I am always sharing what works, and also receiving resources from the fellow members.

My friend wasn’t trying to invite me to a home party, or shove the opportunity down my throat, he merely mentioned it, and I decided I wanted to know MORE…..

Then the pursuit was on……

First I did a google search, but really couldn’t find what I wanted to know, the REAL deal, so I decided I would find out the real deal, and create that document, and let the good people of the world wide web in on what I know about MTTB & MOBE.

After hours of research, and eventually applying to My Top Tier Business, I can now answer almost every question out there about it.

I don’t know if that makes me a dweeb or just extremely inquisitive, but either way, lucky you, because I did all of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. You can thank me later:).

As you read my MTTB Review, please understand that unlike several of the review sites out there, I am not trying to bash MOBE, so I can convince you to look at another product I’m selling, and I am not trying to leave out the cons of the product so you will sign up with me. This is the real deal.

Ok, so let’s dive in…….

There is one thing we know for a fact….man there is A LOT of moola to be made in the internet marketing world, the problem is, it can be hard to find a good business model that can be easily duplicated. Like with anything, it ain’t easy starting a 6 figure and beyond business, and knowing exactly what steps to take to get started can be difficult, and very over whelming.

I remember being so overwhelmed one night, I was driven to tears, because as hard as I tried, I couldn’t figure out how to generate a real income, life changing income……I’ll tell you what, promoting MOBE has been a heck of a lot easier than promoting a clickbank product, or one of the many MLM’s I have been a part of, but I will tell you why in a bit……….

I have been down to my last few hundred dollars, and I know how it feels to want success SO bad you can taste it, but just not knowing where to turn……I don’t wish that type of agony on anyone… makes you feel like crap, atleast that is the way it made me feel……..

Comprehensive MTTB (My Top Tier Business Reviews):

Price: $49 application fee + Free 21 step training, with offers of several upsells
Owner: Matt Lloyd

I’m Confused, How Are MTTB & MOBE Intertwined?


MTTB: My Top Tier Business is a 21-step internet marketing educational program. This program is for anyone who desires more education & training in internet marketing, and generating income with a “top tier” aka high ticket product.

So I know there was confusion online about this, but yes the MTTB 21 steps are literally free. So you pay $49 for an application fee, and then you are off to the races.

Matt Lloyd’s original product line called MOBE (My Online Business Empire) sells high ticket internet marketing training. Matt created high ticket products that could be sold, and decided one of the best ways to sell the product was through awesome affiliate partners. Once you have the license rights, you can sell the products as your own.

Please note that even companies like Amazon, Ebay, & most products you can think of out there, have an affiliate program. Now Amazon doesn’t charge for theirs, but you also don’t receive life changing commissions either.

MOBE is quite unique because affiliate partners actually get the license rights to market the products.

MTTB is basically training that anyone in internet marketing can use, but it is definitely beneficial for anyone looking to promote MOBE products with ease. It takes you step by step through what to do, and how to do it. With this company, you know exactly where to start, how to generate traffic to the high converting offer, and get your target audience to buy what you have to offer.

The system is not free from effort, but it gets your questions answered every step of the way. This is a great foundation for learning to sell high ticket items on the net.
Easily put Get MTTB Training + Get MOBE License + Hard work = $$ Checks….life changing checks.

MTTB: My Top Tier Business 21 Steps?

From the compelling sales letter, you hit the I want in button (it might not say exactly that, but you get my drift),

Then you are prompted to fill out an application. Pull out your wallet because the application fee is $49 big ones;)

You can even get it for $19 if you try to close the page….they will let you try it for 7 days for $19,and after the 7 days you are charged the other $30 for the application fee…… pretty sweet! Ok, I am cheap, and went that route…..dang, don’t judge me…….no-one is perfect ;)

You actually have to get in contact with your coach to even start the system…..good news is that all of the coaches are 7 figure earners. I was really excited to start the 21 steps, and it took my coach from Saturday to Tuesday to get back to me…. I emailed, called, and pinged him on skype.

It took him too long to get in touch in my opinion…especially since the auto-responder emailed me twice saying reach out to your coach RIGHT NOW…… That was NOT cool, especially when I was chomping at the bit to get started; so the first few days were hard for me. I started cursing everyone associated with the product in my head….LOL

But after I connected with my coach, then I apologized to everyone in my head. LOL

My coach unlocked the first 2 steps of the 21 day coaching program, told me to listen to all the weekly audio calls I had missed (2), and to complete the first 2 steps.

You will have to chat with your coach daily (m-f) while going through the 21 steps. You also have to listen to the calls daily (either live or recorded).

Remember, you can’t unlock the steps without your coach…………

The 21 Steps:

Step 1:“How To Make 6-Figures In Your First Year With Top Tier!”

Step 2: Discover The Missing Ingredient 99% Miss In Business Success

After 2nd training you must reach out to your coach.

Called coach without luck…….I was ready to have lesson 3 unlocked, and had to wait another day…..

My coach finally got back to me… he unlocked steps 3/4

Step 3: How To Unlock Your Millionaire Mind

Step 4: Why 85% of Franchises Succeed While Most Other Businesses Fail

Had to reach out to my coach to unlock steps 5/6

Step 5: What is Even More Lucrative Than a Franchise Model?

**During Step 5 you are also required to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), and that is why I am not being more detailed, and giving you the cliff-notes of the steps;)**

Step 6: How to License a Proven & Profitable Online Business

Let me stop here, because of my research, I knew what to expect in step 6…..So after step 6 you must contact your coach.

I am going to take this time to talk about my “coach” for a second……
All coaches are not created equally. Remember I told you, I am a lifetime student, a lifetime learner….

Well, my coach and I got off on the wrong foot, when I sent in a support ticket to try to get another coach….. My coach did not add much value for me. I would rather have been able to go through the steps myself without having to get them unlocked by a coach. For me, it was annoying having to track down my coach in Australia who is on a different time zone, just to proceed…..(I am in the USA)

I am unique, and enjoy self- teaching. Some people can’t learn my way so I guess that’s why they add the coaches.

I talked to several people who had great coaches, but I didn’t like the “hurry up and wait” game while waiting on my coach to unlock my steps. It would have been better to me if they just unlocked 2 steps per day, and let us reach out if we had questions.

So anyway, because I did my research, I was informed, (like you will be after reading this).

After I finished step 6, I had to reach out to my coach…..I said to him “if I know I’m not going to purchase during our strategy session, can I just opt-out”. His simple answer was yes. I did get to continue the steps on my own because he unlocked steps 7-21 for me! Yeah! What I wanted all along!!

After my steps were unlocking, it was time to parte’……..

Alot of valuable information in the MTTB steps. This part alone is definitely worth the $49 app fee.

I’ve paid thousands of dollars for a few of the lessons he gave away practically free.

It’s alot of info, but it will help you in your business.

I will say that starting with step 7, the assumption is that you purchased the other steps, so several of the steps are geared toward the MOBE licensee, however, you can still find valuable information that you can apply to any business.

I reached out to the person that originally shared the link with me, and decided to become a partner.

With my expertise and skill-set, I had no doubt I could make money being a partner, and teach others to do the same. There is great training, and some awesome products.

When you get your license, you get access to several of the products you will have the rights to sell. I haven’t gone through all of them yet, but being the student I am, I will get through all of them soon.

Remember, you are getting the MOBE licensing rights to actually sell products you didn’t create, and profit.

Let me tell you, I was working on an offline deal for a product in a different industry, and it’s NOT easy to get licensing to sell, and it always comes at a price: your time or your money and many times both!

When you buy a franchise from Wendy’s, and get the rights to sell their product, it will cost you.

Proven systems, automation, and support will cost you no matter what industry you are in.
For me, I am a real entrepreneur who will put in work to make it work, so I knew this was for me.

Now, onto the other steps…….

Again, you will notice that the next 7 steps basically assume you purchased the MLR (MOBE License Rights), however, I did discover a few additional things by going through these steps, and I had not purchased the license yet

Step 7: “How To Get The Expert Support You Need To Succeed”

Step 8: How To Get Paid Quickly & Easily with MOBE

Step 9: How To Get $3k Commissions with No Extra Work…

Step 10: How To get $5k Commission with No Extra Work…

Step 11: How To Get New Mercedes Benz Paid For Every Month

Step 12: How The Phone Sales Team Makes You Money 24-7

Step 13: How the MOBE Team Builds Your Business Everyday

Step 14: How To Make 5x More Money without Any Additional Work

Step 15: How Goals Are the GPS to Your Success

Step 16: How To Create Success Faster with Helping Hands

Step 17: How To Finance Your New Business Venture

Step 18: How To Get Steady Streams of Traffic Visitors 24/7

Step 19: How To Get Access To Even More Opportunities

Step 20: Discover Your Why And Manifest Your Success For Life

Step 21: Discover A Special 1 Time Offer You Don’t Want To Miss

The 21 steps are the meat and potatoes to get you to where you want to goJ


Let me just start this section by saying, please don’t be one of those lame people that tries, yes I did say “tries”, to pay $49, thinking it will be easy to get the $500 guarantee.

The guarantee is real, but it is an implementation guarantee. If you go through the 21 steps in FULL in under 21 days (it can definitely be done), taking action in each step, and don’t make $1k commission within the next 30 days, then Matt will pay you $500.

After the 21 steps, there is a 30 day traffic plan partners follow, and they actually show you how to get traffic, and promote your link…..This is worth it’s weight in GOLD……if you are new to getting leads, this training is AWESOME!!!

Now if you make it through all that and you don’t make your first $1k, something is WRONG, really wrong, and that’s just my 2 cents…….


Someone said to me “ I heard that MOBE was one of those pyramid thingy’s”. Let me just answer this for you in a nutshell…..

If you work hard, remain consistent, and follow the system, it works. That doesn’t mean, choosing bits and pieces of what you want to follow, and then when it doesn’t work you yell SCAM!

It doesn’t work that way my friend.

As far as it being a pyramid, what in life isn’t? Look at every major corporation known to man…..the people at the TOP make more money than mid-level or entry-level people.

This is not a “pyramid scheme” or “Ponzi scheme”….those are illegal, and if it was that, it would have been shutdown a LONG time ago……Remember, big brother is watching;).

Here is what I will say; no-one makes you do anything you don’t want to do……

(Remember, I didn’t purchase the license at step 6 because I wasn’t ready to, and I told my coach I wanted to go through the steps on my own)

If you are currently making awesome money online, then by all means, stick to what you are doing, and scale-up…..put MOBE aside, and focus on what you are doing.

I am not stuck up, and actually anyone who knows me will tell you I am a very frugal person……I will tell you though, if you can’t afford to spend $2000, then you really should wait.

I am not a financial advisor or anything, but if you are spending your mortgage money, don’t do it….

You want a clear head as you finish the steps and learn traffic generation. You don’t want to be coming from a place of desperation because you “need” the money ASAP to pay bills.

Follow the system and you will make your money back… works if you do.

So if you think $2000 is too much to invest in a franchise business model, then you need to go find a product on clickbank to promote……I’m just saying…….

I’ve also read about the upsell complaints, and I will tell you that EVERY good business has upsells.

Have you ever heard “Would you like fries with that?”, What about “would you like the 2 year extended warranty?”

Both are examples of upsells….upsells add value to the customer, and increase the value of the customer. This is a win-win for both customer & business

Upsells in MTTB & MOBE are optional, and you can say no thanks, like I said to my coach after step 6.

Is My Top Tier Business a scam? The simple answer…….No.

What you get with the MOBE license:

  • My Email Marketing Empire Partner can sell this product for $194 and keep 90% of the profits
  • My 112,000 Lead Capture Page + My 11 Part Follow Up Autoresponder Sequence
  • Affiliate Bonus Domination – Retail price $291
  • The O.P.T. Formula – Retail price $194
  • 2 Cool Bonuses were also being offered at the time I decided to upgrade

Do I have to be a MOBE Licensee?

Once you go through MTTB training, even if you don’t get the license, you become an affiliate of MOBE with the ability to sell many of the MOBE products. You get less commissions than a licensee, but you can get commissions.

Who Is The Perfect Person For MTTB & MOBE?

If you can answer YES to a majority of the questions below, it is in your best interest to check it out.

Are you looking for a business, a real way, an honest way, to change your life, and make life changing money?

Are you looking for a low investment into a high ticket franchise model?

Are you looking for a proven system that allows you to leverage your resources?

Are you wanting great IM (internet marketing) training?

Do you want to learn traffic generation?

Do you want to benefit from the internet working for you 24-7-365?

Are you a person who doesn’t like talking on the phone, closing your own deals, or having to sell to friends and family?

Are you someone who does not want to go through the grueling task of creating your own products, but want to benefit of selling someone else’s awesome products?

Are you someone who doesn’t know how to make a sales funnel that converts, but want to make money online by leveraging someone else’s system?

Do you want to leverage an automated, proven system to build your business?

Anyone who is business minded and ready to start a business, this is for you.

If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work hard for the lifestyle (travel, freedom to make your own schedule, working the hours that are best for you, being able to take a day off ) everyone else wishes they had, then this is for you!

I pretty much just described myself, so it was a no brainier for me….if it is a no brainer for you, join me.

*If the above describes you, I’d love to take you by the hand and show you what I know. I’m not going to claim that I make a million dollars a month with this system, however, I do well enough in my business to stay home full-time, and be with my lil stinkers….aka children ;).*

I have the time & energy to take you by the hand and show you what I know. Traffic generation is not my J.O.B, it’s my passion. I LOVE it!

BONUS ALERT: Anyone who joins me as a partner will receive a custom strategy session to get you making money in MOBE. I will save you time and money by working with you until you make money.  This is the easier way to start making money online. Some people take years to accomplish this (make money online)……I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours of time to master the resources & skills I’m going to show you.  I am offering RESULTS.……..I am sincere, have time to answer your questions, and give you the extra TLC you need.

Just in case that is not enough, I will give you $50 big ones to test your first paid traffic strategy, (payable direct to your paypal account)…

partner with me if you dare;)……..

If your business coach in the program can’t answer your questions, let me take a stab at it. I would also love to know what coach you get, if you decide to start your business.

Who Should NOT Join MTTB/MOBE:

If you are looking for a get rich tomorrow scheme-this ain’t it, and I’ll tell you something, it doesn’t exist! No real business where you can make real money will let you do practically nothing, invest $37 bucks and make $10k/month. It simply doesn’t exist.

Now you can pay $37 for training, and use that training, coupled with hard work, to make it happen. I told you I’m a big proponent of learning, training, and sharpening your tools, so you are prepared and ready to make it happen.

So back to who this is not for….

If you are a negative person that thinks anything you have to pay money for is a “scam”, save yourself some time and the $49 fee and don’t do it!

Let me tell you what a scam is….it’s when someone takes your dang money without giving you what they told you they would in return…

This is not a scam, I can promise you that.

I have been scammed before unfortunately…. I paid a guy for a product and that joker literally disappeared! I lost my money and had nothing to show for it! I can’t stand bastards like that!!! There is enough money to go around doing business the honest way, no need to be a thief!

Ok, getting off my soap box, but I don’t like thieves…,

Who else is this not for you ask?

This is not for the faint of heart, anyone that falls down and stays down, and anyone that is not motivated with why they truly want to do this….if you are new to the industry or making money online, you must know that this is a real business and real businesses take work.

There are people that can help guide you, such as myself, if you are ready. Now you know I had to throw it out there…. It’s up to you to take the offer. I will not be offended either way.

If you are the type that wants something for nothin’ this isn’t for you.

If you blame everyone in your life when something doesn’t go the way you want, instead of being accountable for you own actions, this ain’t for you my friend.

If you identify with any of the above regarding who this is not for, stop right now, don’t do it!

This is NOT for you! Don’t feel bad, it’s not for everyone. Find what is for you, and try hard to make it work!! Don’t quit, you can live your dreams. This just isn’t the way you are gonna do it.

Show Me The Money…….THE MOBE (My Online Business Empire) Compensation Plan:

I was going to break down the comp plan for you, and decided, who better to break down the comp plan than the man that created it. Below is the official document of the company compensation plan.

This document gives you several great examples to help you understand the compensation plan. If you don’t get it at first, no biggie, you will have plenty of time to get it…..Just cash your checks when they come in, and you can learn as you go.

Ripoff Reports:

I did some research, and out of over 9,000 partners in the program, and thousands of customers, I found a complaint. Now, I will say that online, I did find a lot of people complaining, or shouting SCAM, but those were people that didn’t even purchase any of the products, or go through the My Top Tier Business training….so with that said, I personally don’t count them. Lol

In this report, the guy yelled foul play because he upgraded to platinum, and it took them 11 days to get him access after he paid his money…..The sad part is that the credit card company sided with MOBE because he DID get access to the products. He just has a bad experience with support.

In all honesty, if this were me, I would have been MAD as HELL after paying my hard earned dollars……especially when you are excited about starting something, then can’t even get into the system, that BLOWS…..

Although this guy did handle it different than I would have…..after paying all that money, I would have taken advantage of the system, and “showed em all” by making Matt write me a FAT check for my efforts. He should have atleast tried to recoup the money he paid, by working the proven, and so automated system…..

But that’s just me. LOL

Anyway, here is the report, for your review. Enjoy!! Click here to see it in it’s entirety.

MOBE Ripoff Report

MOBE Ripoff Report





What Does the Better Business Bureau Say About MOBE (My Online Business Empire):

Not much……..When I tried to google BBB & MOBE all I got was a bunch of review sites pedaling their own product…….So I called BBB, and they directed me to the Work At Home section online, and told me that they did not have any negative listings on MOBE.

I did a search, and here is what I came up with………

Now, this could have changed since the year I created this post in 2014.










MOBE Testimonials:

 Don’t just take my word for it…….here is what other partners are saying about MTTB & MOBE

MOBE Testimonial







MOBE Testimonials






MOBE Testimonials















MOBE Testimonials






















MOBE Testimonials













MOBE Testimonials











These are testimonials posted in our FB group. As partners, we celebrate the big wins, and the little wins. At the end of the day, a win is a win:).

In Closing:

I think that just about covers it……LOL. If you have any additional questions about MTTB, OR MOBE please feel free to contact me.

I pray this post has given you a deeper insight, on MTTB/MOBE, and answered all of your questions.

If you are ready to take the plunge, I would love to guide you…….Click here to get started on your 21 steps, and I will see you on the other-side.

Join MTTB (My Top Tier Business):

If you are truly ready to embark on a new journey…….If you are willing to work at it……..If you have $49 for the application fee…….If you are ready to change your life……Then Join Me Now.

Don’t forget about my Awesome Bonus! BONUS ALERT: Anyone who joins me as a partner will receive a custom strategy session to get you making money in MOBE. This is the easier way to start making money online. I will save you time and money by working with you until you make money.  Some people take years to accomplish this (make money online)……I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours of time to master the resources & skills I’m going to show you.  I am offering RESULTS.……..I am sincere, have time to answer your questions, and give you the extra TLC you need… I will also give you $50 big ones towards your first paid traffic campaign.

partner with me if you dare;)……..

If you aren’t ready now, but may want to join in the future, only when you are ready, then bookmark this page.

I have been open, honest, and pretty dang detailed, and hopefully helped you, no matter which side of the fence you are on. If you have a question I didn’t answer, feel free to reach out to me:).

I hope you have enjoyed My Top Tier Business Reviews.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this….have an awesome week!

I’ll leave you with 2 quotes………..

“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” —Guy Kawasaki, Alltop co-founder and entrepreneur