Linkedin- 5 Unusual Tips To Grow Any Business

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Linkedin Tips To Grow Any Business

Linkedin Tips To Grow Any Business

Linkedin is one of my favorite social media outlets. I love me some Linkedin. LOL It’s one of the world’s biggest professional networks online.

As most of you already know my story, I started full-time in the online world back in 2012, which is like 50 years ago in the internet marketing world;).

Ok, OK, so I am over exaggerating just a bit, but it is not an easy task to generate 100% of your income using the internet…..many have tried, and em…..well you know the rest…….

I started an HR Consulting firm, and several of the major clients I acquired were because of good ole Linkedin.  On Linkedin, currently, I receive about 20 connection requests per day. I use each and every connection to market my businesses, and I will reveal how shortly…..

How are you currently using Linkedin to grow your business, and are you actually getting clients/customers from your methods?  If not, you are missing the boat my friend.

Is Using Linkedin To Grow My Business Worth It?

Most business owners I have talked to, that I tell about the hidden treasures of Linkedin have said, “Kay, I just don’t have time to…….”, and what I will say to you, and what I say to them is, you just don’t have time NOT to…..

So let me break it down for you……What is the front end value of one customer/client for you? What is the lifetime value? If you don’t know your numbers, then business 101 is where you will need to start, BEFORE you start using Linkedin, or any other strategy to get customers/clients.

So let’s say that the average front end value of your customer is $100. Lets say you conservatively get 3 new customers per week using Linkedin……$300/week…$1200/month extra for your business, not too bad for a few hours work!

Know your goals, and what you want to achieve with Linkedin before you begin….(how many customers you want, how many leads per day, ect). This is a Linkedin tip to grow your business that is extremely important. You must begin with the end in mind……so cliche’ but true.

5 Linkedin Tips To Grow Any Business

Linkedin Tips To Grow Any Business


1. robust profile…either personal page, or company page. Take the time to completely fill out your profile, and this will pay dividends later……This will serve as your advertising….what you can do for your customers, and the benefits of working with you. Make sure your profile is optimized, so you can be found for the keywords you want to be associated with. For example, if you have a carpet cleaning business, and you want people searching to be able to find you when they type in carpet cleaner, make sure that keyword is sprinkled in your profile.

Use a great professional image, this is important because if your profile isn’t visually appealing, who will want to know more…..and no picture looks like you are hiding something…..Also, do remember this isn’t facebook. Save the pix french kissing your boo or pictures of your grandkids for Facebook.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing some very effective ways to market on facebook as well for FREE:), and you can’t beat free. lol

get recommendations from anyone who can vouch for you/your company and can tell everyone how awesome you are…..recommendations hold ALOT of wait! I actually had a company hire me from linkedin, based purely on recommendations. You don’t need a million recommendations, I think I have 5….5 is my favorite number, and I do lots of things in 5’s:).

In your profile, cross promote the other channels that you are on, and make sure to mention them in your description…YOu can also connect with me on……..

2. Create linkedin group or contribute to linkedin group in your industry…become the thought leader in your industry, share your knowledge, and people will reach out to you. This is like an effective forum marketing strategy, and that is why your profile must be filled out well, because if someone like what you have to say in a group, the first place they are going to go is to your profile.

Content Marketing is an awesome way to gain followers, connections, and build relationships, and groups in your industry are an awesome place to start. Be helpful, honest, and shine like the expert you are, and people will take notice.

I’ve found that the best time to reach people with content is in the mornings, before 11a during the week.

3. Industry Visibility- This is a great place to see what others in your industry, especially your competition is doing…….You can grow your business by finding out where the leaders in your industry are haging out, and 9 times out of ten they are hanging out there for a reason….more customers, and more revenue for their business.

4. Use Linkedin polls for customer feedback, cheap market research, or feedback that will help you improve your business, and increase your business revenue.

This, along with posting on your timeline is a great way to engage your connections. Interacting consistently will help you nurture your online presence on linkedin. Nurture your relationships, and you will find customers….it’s that simple. I can get on linkedin today, and have a new paying customer within a few days, just by combing through the connections I already have and searching groups with people looking for what I offer……

5. Use the advanced search option, and search for your target customers. You should already know who your ideal customer is….

With advanced search you can find exactly what you are looking for……Want all CEO’s within 50 miles of your business, you got it! Want all HR professionals in Texas, that also have recruiting experience, and have worked for fortune 500 companies, you got it! The possibilities are endless!!! You can find whoever you want, including your ideal customer. This is an awesome feature!

Speaking of searching, when people request you, I engage each and every person that requests me as a connection. I reply to each person and reply with an email thanking them for reaching out to me, and after my name, I put my title and website at the end of the email. This works great for engagement.

Increase Revenue Using Linkedin

Linkedin Tips To Grow Any Business



As you can see, Linkedin is a super duper way to get more customers, which will get you more cash for your business. If used correctly, Linkedin is an effective way to connect with your potential customers, and get the word out about your business. I hope you have enjoyed these Linkedin tips to grow any business, if done correctly, this will be a major piece to your marketing strategy.

Linkedin can be used to grow any business: local retail business, online business, MLM/network marketing business, affiliate marketing business, or any other business where you are using the internet to get more customers.



Have you learned something about how powerful Linkedin is, and how it can help your business? If so, share with someone else looking to grow their business!

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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