Kay’s Story

Who Is Kay Gambrell?

Mother, Wife, Action Taking Entrepreneur

Mother, Wife, Action Taking Entrepreneur


Hello my fellow action taking entrepreneurs! Thank you for taking the time to make it to the page about me……..

Wow, I always hate this part, trying to figure out how to describe me in the truest way. I guess I will start with sharing my quick story (maybe not that quick) on how I started my online career…………

2 years ago, May 2012, I quit my high paying corporate job in HR (human resources) NEVER to return! I actually quit in April 2012, but I didn’t start my business until May 2012 ( I needed a few weeks to reflect & rest).

I had a beautiful office in a beautiful building, in a beautiful part of town in a highrise over looking a beautiful canal, where people would take gondola rides during the day. The sad part about it is, my surroundings were so gorgeous, but the sun would literally come up, and go down, and I would rarely ever get to enjoy any of it. I worked my fingers to the bone for a CEO who didn’t give a damn. I was hired to build this companies HR department from the ground floor. I worked 12 hours days,  missed so many of my family events, and traveled for this company, and I look back on it and say….”for what”??

So after working for the worst boss of my life, I decided I had enough….. I turned in my 2 weeks notice, and on my last day, I worked until 5:30 p! I worked hard until the bitter end, for the employees….the people…I have always had a love for the people…..

I decided to start a business of my own, by using connections I made while I was “inside”, inside my very own corporate hell……

This has been the ride of my life so far. So many ups & downs, so many sleepless nights. It’s hard…..we’ve all got issues requiring tissues and this is true of even someone going for their dreams.  The best part is you are your own boss, and the worst part is, you are your own boss. LOL

The TV remote & fridge are just a few steps away, and it would be so easy to “take the day off”. There is no-one there to tell you that you can’t. So from the time you give your boss the middle finger, whatever you do or don’t do, is up to you…..

You MUST be disciplined, motivated, and passionate before you make the move out of the rat race.

I was scared at first, scared of the unknown….how am I going to feed my kids, what about insurance, ect…..You MUST know your “Why”, and it better be a strong “Why”–more than just money…we all want that paper, but you want what the paper can buy and do for you, so get detailed in your “Why”. On the days when it’s the toughest, you must want your “Why” MORE than you want to quit because it ain’t easy, TRUST me on this…..

So while working for one of my clients in my offline business, I started learning about marketing….

I wanted to truly know how to market my offline business.

Marketing has always been a fascinating subject for me, and I realized I LOVE it! I truly love it! So my offline client asked me if I could help them with HR, and marketing, then BOOM…..my online business began:).

I have learned so much, from making blogs, to building lists, squeeze pages, capture pages, SEO, website installation, advertising, driving traffic, ect.

I have learned so much, and I continue to learn everyday. I absolutely LOVE what I do!

I take the time to give back in my FREE training teaching others what I have learned.

If you are ready for online success check out: Kay’s Killer Boot Kamp Training

If you are are still feeling your way through the internet in the dark, I can definitely help you!

You are one connection away from changing your life, and although I left the corporate world in 2012, this year will be my breakthrough year in 2014;

I have invested more money in training, and sharpening my skills this year than ever before.

I am continuing to make GREAT connections, and I truly have clarity. Kevin Durant said it best during his MVP acceptance speech, with great people behind you, you can do anything. You, my readers, are all GREAT people, and we will ALL make it! The “IT” is whatever you want “IT” to be:). I have been successful, and I plan to continue to learn, and grow.

NO-ONE, and I mean NO-ONE, will beat you if you don’t quit!

Keep moving forward, learning, and making great connections! I truly LOVE my lifestyle, and I just had to share with you a little about my journey 2 years in……..As I type to you I am sitting in between my kids and working. It’s NOT easy, but oh so worth it!

Find your WHY and make it happen!!

I do not make a million dollars a year yet, but I am doing well.

I have made steady money online for the last year, and I have learned techniques that get results, and that is more than I can say for 95% of the people that start any business.

This blog will  help you achieve your goals, and do well also:).

I am “Living My Life, My Way”, and that is a beautiful thing.

I don’t have to ask for a day off, or worry if I am going to get fired when my child gets sick with the flu, and I have to take off more than a day…….

I have always been a worker, and I would be a professional student and go sit in college classes if I could get paid for it.

The next best thing to me is learning daily, and becoming a lifetime learner, and student in the internet marketing world.

I am not your standard blogger, or marketer. I am not going to lie to you, and tell you I have a push button software that will make you rich with no work……let me just be real and tell you that software doesn’t exist…….

Online business is JUST like an offline business except, you can start with less capital, and you can work in front of your computer, without having a shower, or combing your hair, and you can still rack in the dollars:).

The point is, it is still work! I have a business with offline clients, & a business with online clients…..both are equally hard in regards to work. You must work hard to make it happen, and to be successful. You sacrifice now to win later.

I have never ever liked anyone telling me what to do, and although I was a great employee in the sense that I could produce, I knew, I would never retire in the rat race……I loved the people, made many friends, but I didn’t fit into the lifestyle…….

“The problem with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” – Lilly Tomlin

Reading this blog will help you realize your dreams, and go for them. I want to inspire you, piss you off to the point of action, and make you realize that YOU too can DO THIS!

Find something you LOVE & go get some customers & make some sales!

I will show you effective methods that will help you get leads & customers, start your journey to building more revenue for your business.

My beautiful family (3 kids missing)

My beautiful family (3 kids missing)


I am a wife, a mother, and a successful entrepreneur. To the left is part of my family, 3 of my kiddos are missing. I don’t take many pics, so this was the closest thing I could find to a family picture. LOL

We spend most of our time eating good, hanging in the backyard, and enjoying the nice weather here in good ole Texas:).

I love music, Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, General Hospital (although I don’t watch much TV, and have my shows recorded), chocolate, working online, and passive income.

If you are willing to work, I am willing to help you. If you think you can increase your business revenue, or find customers by doing nothing, somebody told you wrong……..

You must work your…..tail off to learn, lay the foundation, use the internet as your vehicle, and then increase your revenue.

Anyway, I think there are some people in the internet marketing industry that are so lame…….or shall I say wickedy whickedy whack;)……

They have given this real opportunity to use the internet as a vehicle to increase your business a bad name.

They pedal get rich quick bull crap. and tell business owners they can get customers without working hard. Aladdin is not swooping in on his red carpet to give you a ride, and the only thing coming out of that bottle, is some good liquor, if you are lucky;)

My first attempt at building a business using the internet as my vehicle was a  straight up F for fail…..it’s cool though because I look at it as another opportunity that I used to learn.

Falling and failing will happen, but it is what you do after you fall and fail that matters……….

Building a business ain’t easy, but if you can find it within yourself to DREAM BIG, and kick fear in the….rear, you can do this!

You can build a lucrative business using the internet as your vehicle if you leverage your time, resources, and awesome new friends like me:).

I will leave you with one last video that inspires me often……….

Stay focused, & drive forward like your life depended on it………….

You CAN & WILL do this! I got your back:)

See you at the TOP,

Kay Gambrell