Are You A Fighter- How To Live A More Successful Life NOW!

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Are You A Fighter- How To Live A More Successful Life NOW!

If you have ever given up on a dream, given up on success, and had regret, then I want you to come on in, take a seat, and truly take in the the words I’m telling you,

Like you would take in your favorite meal……

Savoring every bite……

What Inspires You?

one stepToday, I’m sitting here on my couch working, instead of in my office. I am playing with the kids, and trying to get a lil work done.

My 11 month old daughter inspired me to “speak” to you……..

I’m watching my baby girl master the skill of walking, and it is so awesome! A true blessing for me to be able to sit and watch her learn, and grow…..

My girl has a fighting spirit, as all kids do, and she knows she will walk one day…..So she takes 2 steps, she falls, she takes 2 more steps, she laughs, and she falls…..

She finally decided to crawl to her sippy cup because she knows it will be faster, but guess what, she is not going to give up on walking until she masters the skill. She will be a success at walking!

So the question I just asked myself is:

success fights back1. When and how do we lose this fighting spirit?

As kids we all have it, and not only do we have a fighting spirit but a GREAT attitude ta boot….

I am not sure why we go from having patience, and determination to learn new skills, and meet our goals to the alternative….

Have you ever been frustrated with yourself when you didn’t learn something right away?

As we get older, we try to master new skills, and for some reason we think we should master them overnight…..

If you’ve ever missed out on opportunities…sabotaged successes…gotten angry and frustrated at something you couldn’t learn fast enough…then you know how painful it is, and understand the burning need for change.

Stop beating yourself up, and FIGHT BACK!

The good news is, you can reclaim your future……

You can BREAK the cycle……….the cycle of pain and frustration

Make a decision that you will actively create more, do more, be better…….

Kick your obstacle in the ass with your fighting spirit!

How tough are you really?

success toughnessThe world is not always gonna be kind, you WILL get knocked down, so I must ask ya…..

How tough are you? I don’t mean the tough you pretend to be when everyone is watching, but the tough you truly are…

No pop and circumstance, just your raw toughness.

I’m talking about meeting your adversity in the boxing ring, and having the toughness to go ALL 12 rounds…..

Can you?

How hard can you get hit, and keep moving toward your goals?

You’ve gotta be tough because it’s rough out there…….

Success is not something you just wish for, you gotta work for it too.

I have been punched in the gut several times, and although it took the wind right out of me, I kept going…….

This hasn’t always been the case, I have conditioned myself, like an athlete conditions for a championship…

I have trained hard, and fought long to get to the mindset where I am today, and in regards to fighting I have learned:

success lessons1. Pain won’t last forever

2. Tomorrow will come, whether you are ready for it or not

3. Opportunities are all around us, and we only see them when we are truly focused

It’s like researching, and going shopping for a new car.

When you finally decide what type of car you want, you coincidentally see it on the road EVERYWHERE.

Well it’s the SAME thing with goals and opportunities…..

When you finally decide where you are going, you will be met with all kinds of opportunities that you never saw before.

You will see stepping stones EVERYWHERE.

Truth be told, the cars, like the opportunities were there all along, but you weren’t focused, and so you never truly saw them.

I’ve also learned……

4. You must decide you will achieve your goal, and commit to that decision

If you want something, stop making excuses and go get it!

5. Don’t doubt yourself, and if you feel doubt creeping in, squash the doubt like you would squash an ant at your picnic table….

Fear & self-doubt have KILLED more dreams than failure ever will…….#nofear #believeinyourself

6. You can’t come out of the gate as an expert, it takes time and experience to master something new.

7. You must be willing to make sacrifices

You have to sacrifice to win! Be willing to go where others won’t, and do what others won’t do…….

I found this video last year, and it’s a perfect addition to what we are chatting about! Turn up the sound!

Your Successful Future

success storyPicture This……

You, in control of your time, your happiness, and your life……

It’s a beautiful picture, and the best part is, if you decide, it’s yours!

If you decide today, to take REAL action, you can leap into your self-chosen future.

Fast forward into the future………

Your so called friends you used to laugh at your goals, quietly ask you…..

“What happened to you, where you been?

You’ll grin… and say:

It all started with a decision……

My decision to take action, and to change.

See, your friends will see that you finally got serious.

You found the toughness within you

And you decided to get busy!

It will feel good to laugh, laugh like someone who is on top of the world!

See, when you decide to start truly living, and going for your dreams, and you accomplish them, YOU will be able to laugh, while you are on top of the world…..

Realizing the control, the power that you have over your life….

What new possibilities would you start to give yourself?

Decide RIGHT now…and then, let the magic happen.

You will be SO HAPPY you did!

More Success Now:

successIf you keep moving toward your goals….day by day, step by step, inch by inch, you WILL get there.

It won’t be an easy fight, but if you commit to staying the course, and appreciating the journey, you WILL make it!

The question is, how bad do you want it?

Don’t give up, just get there, achieve it!

#nevergiveup #liveyourdreams

If You Are An Entrepreneur Deciding To Get Serious About Your Business Success, Generate Leads Now!

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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