Email Marketing 101: For New Internet Marketers

by FYI Recruiting

Email Marketing 101: For New Internet Marketers

email marketingHey there:).

So you are here because you understand the importance of email marketing & list building.

I must FIRST say, congratulations because you are a step ahead of the game my friend!

I’m not into hocus pocus, or push button solutions,

But I will tell you that the closest thing you will get to push button profits is building an email list.

Build a responsive, targeted list, send an email promoting a product you can stand behind, and make money……

Sounds easy enough, right?

I only wish I had started building my list when I first started online……

I thought lists were a waste of my time, too much to bother with, and I just didn’t want to deal with it….

Little did I know, that the most successful businesses online have an email list….

Think about it…….

What if you had a list of awesome people that were interested in your product or service?

What if you had a list of people that had actually purchased your product or service in the past?!

Can we say cha-ching……LOL

You basically have people you can help & serve at your fingertips!

The possibilities are endless….every time you have a new product offering, or any business news you would like to get out to your customer base, viola….

Send one email, and you have just communicated with your target audience!

It’s awesome.

So in the famous words of Michael Jackson….

You wanna be startin’ somethin’….

The somethin’ you wanna start is building that email list;).

Ok, so I know I am showing my age once again, but Thriller was one of the BEST albums of all time!

Tell me you didn’t just LOVE that video clip;)

Ok, back to email marketing…..

Newbie’s Problem With Marketing Via Email:

man in suit scratching headBeing new at anything is never easy…..

1. You aren’t sure which way to go

2. If you are doing it right

3. Or even how to do it…..

Marketing online can be confusing, so when you first begin in the online world, there are a million different directions you can go!

I dedicated a whole day to email marketing in my new boot kamp training designed for people who are struggling in their business to make real money online.

If you are new to list building, my number 1 piece of advice would be to focus on getting your list started before you begin other forms of marketing.

I made the mistake of trying to focus on too many marketing techniques, and ended up spinning my wheels:(.

Tools Needed To Build An Email List:

email marketing autoresponderBefore you can start your list building efforts, and your full blown email marketing campaign, you gotta have a few things first………..

1. You need a website (or atleast leadpages).

You need a place to put all of the opt-in forms that people will use to subscribe to your list. In order to build a list you need an opt-in form for people to enter their name & email.

Once they enter their email you need a place to collect those email addresses.

That leads me to the auto-responder……..

2. An auto-responder.

An auto-responder is where you will collect all of your subscriber emails, and send out your follow-up emails & broadcasts.

My auto-responders of choice are PLS & Aweber.

Alot of the top internet marketers use Aweber in their business.

Both PLS & Aweber are awesome.

All new Aweber customers get your $1 Aweber trial here.

As a trial member you get access to all the cool features to try for a month!

If after a month, you don’t like em’ they will give you your $1 back, and you can simply cancel.

I use 2 different auto-responders because they both have unique features, and it allows me to have a back-up plan, just in case something goes wrong with one…….

I have learned that you never make your business totally dependent on any ONE thing…..

You should diversify traffic sources, auto-responders, products, ect.

It’s up to you which auto-responder you choose, there are several out there, but of course I recommend, Aweber & PLS.

It doesn’t matter which one you get, just as long as you get one……

Your list will be one of the most valuable assets of your business.

Email Marketing Tips For Success:

email marketing tips1. Giveaway something of value to help your subscriber (aka lead magnet)

Remember, offering a lead magnet gets targeted subscribers to your list.

Make sure this is truly something of value that the subscriber can use to solve one of their problems.

Another idea is to give away part of something of value to your reader, and make them opt-in to get the other half.

2. Track everything

Make sure that when you are building your list that you are tracking…..

You want to know where EVERY subscriber is coming from.

Basically you want to focus on what is working, and scrap everything else!

For me, I use social media, solo ads, forum marketing, and pop-ups to get leads to this site that end up being great subscribers to my list.

3. Stop selling

Remember,  no-one likes to be SOLD to….

Especially crap products.

Make sure you are promoting products that are awesome, that you can stand behind!

No junk, remember, your relationship with your subscriber is on the line here……

Making Chash-o-la From The Email List

making money onlineTreat your list like real people.

I know you are saying….DUH KAY, but you’d be surprised…;)

Cherish, respect, appreciate your subscribers and their time

Use custom thank you page after they opt-in to get people to check out an affiliate offer that they might need.

Absolutely NO churnin’ & burnin’….

Again, don’t promote a million new offers to your list everyday, just to make a dollar….it’s not worth it.

The key to list building is you don’t just want a large list that is not targeted,

Your goal is to have a responsive list of your target audience….

Ever heard the saying quality over quantity?

Well it definitely reins true in this case.

Need to know how email marketing will fit into the big picture, and part of your successful business model?

Check out the self proclaimed # 1 internet marketing training boot kamp on the internet.

You’ll be glad you did!!

Do you have 2 cents to add that I forgot to add? Please comment below:)

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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-Kay “List Building” Gambrell

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