Don’t Destroy Your Business-Avoid These 2 Pitfalls

by FYI Recruiting

Hello Enthusiastic, Efficient, Entrepreneurs!

If you’re thinking, Kay, I am not all that enthusiastic, then I will tell you to go out and get some serious enthusiasm. See if you can by some at your local gym or something……lol

Take my word for it, you will need enthusiasm and passion FIRST, and if you don’t have that, forget about the pitfalls I am going to share with you below,  you’ve got bigger fish to fry…..

I’m a business builder, and entrepreneur who has seen failure & success. Failure feels like someone stabbing you in the gut with a knife, and twisting it around……It feels like a brisk breeze hitting your cheek followed by the smell of hot garbage…..if you aren’t getting the picture, failure is no fun.

If you are ready to jump start your success, and kick failure in the ass, then you have come to the right place. I am here to share with you, what I wished someone had shared with me…..insight on the blueprint for a successful business. Buckle your seat belt…..this is gonna be a fun ride!avoid-pitfalls





In case you want the short version of how to keep from destroying your business…..the 2 pitfalls are lack of focus & having a main goal of making money above ALL else.


1. Lack of Focus

Lack of focus and perspective is sure to murder any business.  This brings me back to enthusiasm and passion that I mentioned before……

Businesses start off as ideas, but it’s what we do to cultivate our extraordinary ideas that truly matters. You must maintain focus on your business, and goals for the business. Passion will help out in this regard….so many businesses have started, and are eventually abandoned due to lack of focus. Focus your time, your attention, and your life on getting it right, and making the business into all it can be.

Make your business a priority, it’s only your future, and your legacy that we are talking about here;)

Dedicate your efforts to making your business the BEST.  Give it your all, stay on the road, and eventually, you will have the thriving business you want.

Be willing to jump into the mud puddle, and get a lil’ dirty… gotta be willing to do this.  You better know every aspect of your business better than everyone else… need to focus until you get there.

Don’t let life take you in too many different directions; do your time, dig into your business, and once it starts bring in some money, then you can relax a little:)

Bottom line is stay focused on your business….nurture it, just like you would anything else new to the world, and then watch it grow. It will definitely grow!


2. Main Goal of Making Money Above All Else

Every business has a goal of making moola! We all need money to stay in business, and if we are not making money, we just have  an expensive hobby on our hands.  

I am all about a business knowing their numbers. You must know your numbers in business, however, don’t have a main goal of making money at all cost…..”making money above all else” will kill your business. Some might disagree with me, but trust me, before I wised up, I lived it. I was so focused on making money that I had tunnel vision….the more I focused on making money, the less money I actually made……….

If your main goal is to make money above all else, you should re-think your main goal.

So what to focus on if money ain’t it, I’ll tell you…….CUSTOMERS!

Know your customers, and the money will come. Not knowing your ideal customer will cost you big. Treat each customer like they are your very FIRST customer….

If you are currently in business, then you know what I mean……As a business owner, you are so excited to get your first customer, and you treat them like gold.

Treat every customer like this, and watch it work magic in your business.

Don’t just treat customers well, but know them…..really get to know them.

When you know your customer, you know what motivates them to buy, you know where they hang out, you know them like an “old” friend….If you don’t know your customer, you will get smoked by the competition.  You better know what your customers want, and what they will want……

When I talk about knowing your customer,  really “know” them…..and don’t say “everyone is my target customer”…they are not, and not everyone will buy from you either…think about it………

Define your customer for your product or service, and make sure you are clear about who they are. For me, when I have a new product or service offering, I do alot of research, and find out where my ideal customer hangs out online/offline, and I build an “avatar” of my ideal customer. The only way you will get the results you want in your marketing campaign, is to know who you are marketing to.

Know your customer, and if you don’t, your marketing campaign will not get you the real results you are looking for……trust me on this one.

Your product or service solves a problem, so understand the problem, understand your customer who is looking for the solution, and va-walah…..Now you’re in the money.




Don’t be short-sighted; focusing more on your customer than on making money can be the difference between failure and success.




Speaking of customers, if you need more customers to focus on in your business, learn how to leverage free tools to grow your customer base.

There are several pitfalls that can out right destroy a business, but lack of focus, and focusing on money over everything else, including your customers will cost you BIG, and you can take that to the bank.

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Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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