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Online Marketing Newbie? 5 Tips To Reach Your Internet Goals!

Internet marketingHey Resourceful Internet Entrepreneur,

I call you resourceful because you ended up here, with me:)

I’m excited you’re here!

Not excited like I just won the lotto excited, but excited like it’s New Year’s Eve 1999, and I am partying excited!

Y2K…….YIKES. lol

Reason I’m that excited is that if I can help even one more person who is new to online marketing to succeed with these tips I’m sharing, and save them precious time, then I am super duper excited!

Are you an internet marketer who has been trying to figure out how to really take your online efforts to the next level, and achieve great success online?

You don’t realize it, but in the next few minutes you’re going to learn how to move forward with internet marketing the right way, and begin your online success journey.

If you’re like me then you drank the hype kool-aid at one time or another….

You bought into the lie that internet marketing was as easy as giving a dog a bone……

internet marketing failureHere’s a fact for you: 97% of people that take a stab at internet marketing fail miserably.

But don’t let that scare you….

You my friend are an above average person with an awesome person in your corner cheering you on….(that awesome person is

Can you imagine, being a successful online marketer, making a full-time income helping others, and being in total control of your own schedule?

Let me tell you, this is my reality, and it can be yours too.

I will tell you that with the right information, anyone who is willing to put in the time and energy can succeed in internet marketing.

Without further a-do, let’s get to some awesome tips that will get you on the right track to internet marketing success.

 Online Marketing: 5 Tips For Newbies

Tip 1:

You must believe in yourself, and believe that you can actually be very successful online…..

Despite what the people around you say…..don’t listen to negative Nancy’s, even the one’s you love, you CAN do this, but you MUST believe you can.

I want you to think about the word freedom.

What does it mean for you?

What does it mean as it relates to how you currently earn an income?

Do you feel you have time freedom, financial freedom, and all the other freedom you want?

If not, keep reading because the internet can be the vehicle to your FREEDOM.

Tip 2:

work smarter in internet marketingEver heard the term work smarter NOT harder?

Well that is what I am asking you to do…..

You can market your online business a million different ways, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should do it.

Just because I can fit in my daughter teenager clothes, doesn’t mean I should be wearing em….

Get my drift here?

Trying to include every marketing strategy into your marketing plan is just not smart, and will cause you to get over-whelmed, confused, and frustrated when nothing is working.

Stop following 100 different gurus with 100 different teaching styles going in a 100 different directions…this is NOT wise.

You will get overwhelmed or spend most of your day doing things that will NEVER generate you an income or grown your business.

Be where your target audience is…period.

If your product is golf shoes, why are you hanging out on a bowling forum?

Visit to discover more about which sites cater to what demographics.

Quantcast is also a great way to search your competitor sites, and this will help you research your target audience:).

Stop! Did you get that?

You need to figure out who your target audience truly is, and go where they go……research to find out where they go.

But let me confess something:

When I first started out I was doing it all WRONG, and once I figured out I had wasted so much time and energy, I was angry.

I was giving it my all, and I really didn’t know what I didn’t know…….

So that’s my main motivation now, paying it forward…..

TIP 3:

Get to list building! This is one of the most important steps.

I avoided list building like the plague because I didn’t want to bother with it.

Then I noticed that all of the successful internet marketing gurus had a list….

I should know because I was on several of their lists. LOL

Want to know more about list building and email marketing? Check out my detailed post here.

Tip 4:

no failure in internet marketingCreate an internet marketing plan!

Now I know you are thinking, Kay, come on…..why waste a tip on the obvious?

But let me tell you, common sense is NOT so common after-all.

I want to make sure that we cover our bases, and talk a little bit about the plan.

Be able to answer the following questions:

  • What internet advertising methods are you interested in?
  • How much do you have to spend on the methods (that goes for time and money)?
  • Have you defined your goals (how many leads you want, how much money you want to make, ect)?
  • How well do you know your target audience?
  • What are the logistics of your marketing plan (how often will you do what to produce results)?
  • Do you have the skills to write copy, create landing pages, or anything else you need to make sure that you can be effective?

Once your plan is made, you need to do more research…..

  • Research the most effective way to facilitate the marketing methods you picked. (make sure the methods you picked align with your target audience, and where they are)
  • Continue educating yourself, so you are up to date with the method you are using.

Test Your Marketing Methods

Don’t dedicate a budget of too much time or money to any marketing method. You want to make sure you do a test run first…..test, tweak, test, and test some more.

Analyze Your Internet Marketing Methods

Now you are rockin’ & rollin’ it’s time to analyze what’s happening.

Check your stats often, so you know what’s working, and what’s not.

Do more of the stuff that works, and scrap the rest.

Don’t waste time or money on marketing methods that aren’t working.

If all else fails, ask for help.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need some friendly advice:)

Tip 5:

Master atleast 1 lead generation method….

When I say master it, I mean know it so well that you could teach a course on it!

Find a method that you likes, that fits with your business model, and know that one like the back of your hand before moving on to a million other methods.

**Remember, generating leads, when you are not ready for the leads is a HUGE mistake**

You should have a capture page, an awesome sales funnel, ect to turn those leads into buyers.


bonus internet marketing tips*If you don’t currently have a website, make your website domain your main keyword.

People in the SEO world have said that exact match domains don’t work, but I have used it to rank 1 of my client sites for a competitive keyword in less than a month.

If you need help with your SEO, just connect with me, and let me know:).

*Make sure you have created a product, or are affiliated with a product that is AWESOME that you can stand behind. A product that provides real value, and helps people.

Have a great offer, if you have a crappy product, you won’t have a business for long………

*Have a high converting sales funnel.

I mentioned this earlier, but if you want great income, you need a great sales funnel.

Some leads that you generate will not be ready to buy when they see your product the first time…

If they are in your sales funnel, you will have the opportunity to present your offer again.

*Become a lifetime learner and student of the online marketing world.

Did you enjoy these tips?

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You are ready for success, aren’t you?

If so, hop on over to my online marketing boot kamp.

No matter what product you have, what business opportunity you are in, ect, you can benefit!!

Don’t let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from improving your life, increasing your profits, and having true success online.

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

business time management From Kay Gambrell





-Kay “Helping You Market Online” Gambrell

“I Teach You How To Get More Customers For Your Business, & Make More Money Using The Internet!”

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Marketing Done Right

marketing done rightWhether you have an awesome business, or you are looking to begin your journey toward having an awesome business, you need marketing my friend!

Marketing will be like the peanut butter to your jelly…….

like the sugar to your kool-aid….

The Shrek to your Fiona……ok, ok, I have kids, so shoot me;)

But you get my drift…..

Marketing is an essential component to building EVERY business.

If you want to have success in your business, then you need to understand, and implement effective marketing strategies.

NO matter what you do, you need to test marketing strategies. Marketing is about testing, and tweaking, so you get the most out of your marketing campaign.

You should incorporate many strategies into your marketing campaign…..

But let me clear, as you develop your marketing campaign, if the internet is NOT a part of it, you are missing the boat…..

I don’t care what type of business you have: retail, consulting, network marketing, affiliate marketing, ect

If you are not using the internet, you are missing out….

Let’s just face it, your customers are on the internet, you know how I know……

Because even my 82 year old GG makes me look stuff up on the internet for her……

Ok, so technically she is not on the internet, but she definitely surfs the internet through others.

Where your customers are, you need to be, because the awesome service or product you provide is for them…..for the customer.

Marketing Goals For Every Business:

marketing done right goals1. Deliver your message, your solution to your “perfect” customer, your target market

2. Establish your company as an authority to be trusted, and engage them

3. Make your target market want to take action






The Challenges To Doing Marketing Right

marketing done right challengeThe main problem is that there are so many dang options out there on how to market your business online.

As you know, options can definitely lead to confusion.

For example, have you ever been to a restaurant with a 10 page menu……

WHY…….why would the restaurant do this to their poor customer?

For me, it’s super confusing, and I can never decide what to get……..

So the question in marketing is….which one should I go with, what should I do…

And you end up doing NOTHING, because it’s easier to do nothing, then to sift through all of mess…..trying to learn, teach yourself, and keep your business running.

You need a clear marketing strategy, and foundation.

Marketing Done Right: The Solution

How to increase the visibility and get more people’s eyes on your business?

Once you start marketing online, you will need to stay active, and consistent to get the most out of your online marketing.

Get your brand, and your company seen in many different locations online and this will build some awesome brand awareness.

Wanna know whats’ working? Take a look below:

marketing done right

From this neat info-graphic, you can see what works……

Marketing Done Right: Social Media

social media marketing done rightIf you are not on social media, get your company going ASAP. At first, choose one, such as Facebook. This is one of the top social networks with vast reach! Find customers, and get heard on Facebook! If you want to know ore about how to find your target customer on Facebook, check out facebook marketing for your business.

Social media is a GREAT way to generate leads, and get more customers for your business!

So if you don’t have an account, get one…..LOL

They are absolutely FREE to create, and a must have, if you are trying to market your business the right way!

Marketing Done Right: Blogging

marketing done right bloggingThis is one of my FAVORITES…..I bet you can guess why;)

For me, blogging is therapeutic, and a great way to help the masses. For example, I can send 100 people to my blog post on “how to” OR I can have 1 conversation, and explain it to one person.

A blog is a great way to leverage your time, and get your message across 24-7-365.

A blog is a great way to build brand & company awareness.

Ooooooooweee I LOVE blogging! LOL

Marketing Done Right: SEO

I learned Search Engine Optimization out of pure necessity, and have used it to help many clients! If you need help getting your website found, and you don’t wanna go through the tedious journey of learning it all yourself, like I did, contact me. I have worked with several small businesses as well to get pages their pages ranked in the search engine.

SEO done right is very powerful, because let’s face it, your customers are searching online period.

Back in the day, when you wanted to find something, you went to the yellow pages on the kitchen counter.

Today, if you want to find the number to your favorite restaurant, or read an awesome review, you go straight to the internet search engine to get all the answers:).

I will tell you that SEO is not a quick fix, and it takes time to optimize your site the right way, and rank in the search engines. Whatever you do, think QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY!

Marketing Done Right: Number Of Pages On Website

The number of pages on a website makes a huge difference.

The more pages you have with relevant, value based content in a particular area, the more of an authority you are in the eyes of the search engine, and your readers.

The more relevant you are on different pages, the more leads you will get.

If you make an 1000 page website, and you never do any SEO, you will still rank in the search engines. I know a blogger that doesn’t worry herself with SEO, or any complicated marketing methods, all she does is add relevant content to her blog daily, and her blog just continues to grow, right along with her readers, and leads!

The number of pages does matter!

Marketing Done Right: Email Marketing

marketing done right emailMost of the big boys use email marketing, and you should too!

Just today, I received a message from the children’s retailer: The Children’s Place, giving me discount coupons to use with them.

Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with your customers, and continue to build an awesome relationship.

Email marketing also gives you the opportunity to have repeat buyers, and keep your business at the forefront of your customers mind.

Email marketing done right can be a game-changer for your business!

Marketing Done Right: Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing done rightMobile marketing is a great way to reach the masses.

Yes we talked about how when people want to look things up they go to the search engines, what I left out above is that millions of these people are using their phone first. Now, it is so much more convenient to just take your phone out of your pocket and search, than it is to get out your laptop…..and let’s not even talk about the real dinosaur….your desktop…….

Mobile marketing done right, can catapult your business, and believe it or not, there is plenty of room for success with mobile marketing!

Conclusion On Marketing Done Right

The bottom line is online marketing done correctly = more customers for your business.

Remember to focus on added a few of these strategies to your marketing campaign, and watch your business grow! I also created a pretty awesome post on business growth that might surprise you.

Remember, client focused content creation is key in having an effective marketing strategy!

So what are you waiting for……Go get busy! Your customers are waiting!!

Want To Generate Business Leads on Autopilot For Your Company?

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

business time management From Kay Gambrell







“I Teach You How To Get More Customers For Your Business, & Make More Money Using The Internet!”

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Time Management And Your Business


Time Management Truths

business time management The truth is that I can show you how to get all of the leads, all of the traffic, and all of the customers you need for your business……

I know you’re saying “well Kay that’s GREAT, get to it…..”

I will get to it, but before I can give you all of my stealth strategies, we must get a few other important things out of the way.

In order to have an organized, profitable business, you need to make sure that you are an expert in time management, & your productivity.

This is super important, because if you are not doing daily tasks that = productivity, keep this up for a few months, and you won’t have a business.

Time Management For Your Business With Part-time Schedule

If you are building your business part-time, while you work on trying to murder your 9-5, then it is crucial that you make EVERY second count!

I will tell you, that I get more done working from home, in 25-30 hours than most people get done in 40-60 hours. This is because I work my tail off at sticking to my schedule.

Stop struggling to build your business, and focus on the tasks that produce

Be more productive with your time…..find the time…..I don’t EVER want to hear you say again ” I just don’t have the time”

You’ve got the time my friend…..

You don’t need more time, you need more productive time, period.

Don’t get distracted, and get into none productive activities, like emails that don’t make you money….

Working on your business part-time is awesome because it gives you the opportunity to master your schedule, so that you can be successful doing it full-time

Don’t go full-time in your business before you figure out your time management on a  part-time schedule.

Trust me, if you can’t make money, and grow your business on a part-time schedule, you won’t be able to do it with more time…..

I know this is harsh, but I want to see you succeed, and it’s the truth…..

Use every second you have wisely, and you will be a success.

If you need help with this, just contact me.

Time Management Video

This video is a bit lengthy, but it is one of the best ones I could find on managing your time. Chet Holmes teaches on time management secrets of billionaires……You don’t have to watch it now, but when you have a moment, take the time to watch, learn, then implement these strategies into your day.



Organize Your Time

You need to stay organized, and stop flying by the seat of your pants……stop letting time control you, and you control time!

Simple Enough?

In case you need a few more tips on time, here is what I use daily to maximize my time, here ya go….

1. To Do List- Ok, so I am a lil’ ole’ school…..I get out a tablet, and pen; daily I create a “to do” list. My list includes my most urgent task, and my most dreaded task FIRST. I do it this way, because I know me….I will make do everything I can NOT to complete the task if I don’t make it FIRST, because it is something I don’t want to do…….

It’s sad, but true

On my list, I even have the times I will complete the tasks, so I can stay on a detailed schedule.

Call me insane, I call me productive:)

2. Just Say No- Don’t let people derail your daily progress. I have a client that would take up 4 hours of my day if I let him….he is always pinging me talking bout “Do you have a minute”…

Nice answer “No, Not right now, but I can make some time for you at……

What I am really thinking ” HELL NO, I don’t have time outside of what is on my schedule, you are NOT my only client”

LOL. I just want you to know that it is ok, to say no, and to schedule people, and conversations into your day…’s the best way to go.

3. Miscellaneous Time- Build time into your schedule to actually handle misc, or time sucking activities.  You will get distracted, so make that part of your plan

I make my miscellaneous time atleast an hour daily. I have diapers to change that are oh so unpredictable, and I have other things that come up, but it is built into my schedule, so it doesn’t throw me off.

4. Stay Focused- Did I already say this? LOL Stop getting sidetracked by the personal phone calls and other crap that keeps you from making money & being productive.

Right now I want to order a swimsuit SO badly, that I forgot to order yesterday, but you know what….that will happen at the END of the day.

I am not going to stop and do it now….you know why? because I am not a swimsuit model, so guess what….that swimsuit isn’t part of my business….it has to WAIT.

You must remain disciplined.

5. Habits- If you saw my list daily, you would see that alot of it looks the same from day to day….this is because the things that are productive that I do, those things have become habits, and I make it a point to do them daily.

6. Batching- This one is my one to grow on:). I originally only had 5, but this is my number 6 because I do it, and it works well.

Do what I call “batching”.  For instance, I respond to all of my emails at one time. I don’t respond as they come in…..You take a productive, but time sucking task that you do daily, and you carve a time to do it all at once….batch the tasks together for maximum efficiency. It definitely works, try it, and let me know what you think!

Did you get a gold nugget from this post on managing your time the right way? If so, please comment below, and share on your social media network!

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

business time management From Kay Gambrell






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Hello Enthusiastic, Efficient, Entrepreneurs!

If you’re thinking, Kay, I am not all that enthusiastic, then I will tell you to go out and get some serious enthusiasm. See if you can by some at your local gym or something……lol

Take my word for it, you will need enthusiasm and passion FIRST, and if you don’t have that, forget about the pitfalls I am going to share with you below,  you’ve got bigger fish to fry…..

I’m a business builder, and entrepreneur who has seen failure & success. Failure feels like someone stabbing you in the gut with a knife, and twisting it around……It feels like a brisk breeze hitting your cheek followed by the smell of hot garbage…..if you aren’t getting the picture, failure is no fun.

If you are ready to jump start your success, and kick failure in the ass, then you have come to the right place. I am here to share with you, what I wished someone had shared with me…..insight on the blueprint for a successful business. Buckle your seat belt…..this is gonna be a fun ride!avoid-pitfalls





In case you want the short version of how to keep from destroying your business…..the 2 pitfalls are lack of focus & having a main goal of making money above ALL else.


1. Lack of Focus

Lack of focus and perspective is sure to murder any business.  This brings me back to enthusiasm and passion that I mentioned before……

Businesses start off as ideas, but it’s what we do to cultivate our extraordinary ideas that truly matters. You must maintain focus on your business, and goals for the business. Passion will help out in this regard….so many businesses have started, and are eventually abandoned due to lack of focus. Focus your time, your attention, and your life on getting it right, and making the business into all it can be.

Make your business a priority, it’s only your future, and your legacy that we are talking about here;)

Dedicate your efforts to making your business the BEST.  Give it your all, stay on the road, and eventually, you will have the thriving business you want.

Be willing to jump into the mud puddle, and get a lil’ dirty… gotta be willing to do this.  You better know every aspect of your business better than everyone else… need to focus until you get there.

Don’t let life take you in too many different directions; do your time, dig into your business, and once it starts bring in some money, then you can relax a little:)

Bottom line is stay focused on your business….nurture it, just like you would anything else new to the world, and then watch it grow. It will definitely grow!


2. Main Goal of Making Money Above All Else

Every business has a goal of making moola! We all need money to stay in business, and if we are not making money, we just have  an expensive hobby on our hands.  

I am all about a business knowing their numbers. You must know your numbers in business, however, don’t have a main goal of making money at all cost…..”making money above all else” will kill your business. Some might disagree with me, but trust me, before I wised up, I lived it. I was so focused on making money that I had tunnel vision….the more I focused on making money, the less money I actually made……….

If your main goal is to make money above all else, you should re-think your main goal.

So what to focus on if money ain’t it, I’ll tell you…….CUSTOMERS!

Know your customers, and the money will come. Not knowing your ideal customer will cost you big. Treat each customer like they are your very FIRST customer….

If you are currently in business, then you know what I mean……As a business owner, you are so excited to get your first customer, and you treat them like gold.

Treat every customer like this, and watch it work magic in your business.

Don’t just treat customers well, but know them…..really get to know them.

When you know your customer, you know what motivates them to buy, you know where they hang out, you know them like an “old” friend….If you don’t know your customer, you will get smoked by the competition.  You better know what your customers want, and what they will want……

When I talk about knowing your customer,  really “know” them…..and don’t say “everyone is my target customer”…they are not, and not everyone will buy from you either…think about it………

Define your customer for your product or service, and make sure you are clear about who they are. For me, when I have a new product or service offering, I do alot of research, and find out where my ideal customer hangs out online/offline, and I build an “avatar” of my ideal customer. The only way you will get the results you want in your marketing campaign, is to know who you are marketing to.

Know your customer, and if you don’t, your marketing campaign will not get you the real results you are looking for……trust me on this one.

Your product or service solves a problem, so understand the problem, understand your customer who is looking for the solution, and va-walah…..Now you’re in the money.




Don’t be short-sighted; focusing more on your customer than on making money can be the difference between failure and success.




Speaking of customers, if you need more customers to focus on in your business, learn how to leverage free tools to grow your customer base.

There are several pitfalls that can out right destroy a business, but lack of focus, and focusing on money over everything else, including your customers will cost you BIG, and you can take that to the bank.

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Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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