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Solo Ads- Should You Use Them To Grow Your Business?


Leads leads bo- beads, fa-nana- fana fo- feads, me- my- mo- meads….LEADS;)

As you know, I LOVE traffic generation, and sharing all of my strategies that are working with other entrepreneurs.  If you are a business owner looking to generate leads online, I can help:). Not only do I have a very responsive list, but I am growing it daily with new people looking for great opportunities!

Today in particular, I am talking to any entrepreneur in the business opportunity & make money niche.

If you are not in this industry, you can still take what I am teaching here, and apply it to your business & your niche.

Keep in mind that finding a solo ad vendor in the puppy niche might be a little harder than it is for this niche, but the concept is still the same. You find someone with a list of your target customers, contact them, and get them to mail out your offer to their list……come up with a win win scenario for you and the person with the massive list.

solo adsLeads, also known as potential customers, are the life blood to EVERY business.

I know I talk about traffic generation, customers, and leads an awful lot, but it’s just SO important to every business.

So today we are gonna chat about getting hundreds of leads to your business using the Solo Ads strategy).

Before we talk strategy though, I want to make sure that you are ready for the leads when you get them.  You need to map out your potential customers journey, and make sure that you are able to serve them, before they arrive. You need to make sure that you can handle the traffic before you implement traffic strategies.

I know this sounds like common sense, but hey, common sense isn’t as common as you might think;)


solo adsWhat is a Solo Ad?

A solo ad is type of email traffic that allows you to use someone else’s email list to get eyes on your offer or business opportunity.

Solo Ads Traffic Strategy is an fantastic way to build your online empire!

Solo ads are like steroids for your business. If you have the money to spend, you can reach opportunity seekers fast, especially in the biz opp & make money niche.

Advantages of Using Solo Ad to Grow Your Business:

1. Easy To Scale Up- This is a paid traffic source so it’s easy to scale. This is only limited by your pocket book:)

2. Opportunity Seekers- People that sign up for newsletters are seeking opportunities. This means they are open to yours:)

3. Affordable traffic source- This is a reasonable price for the potential, and what you get! If you are promoting a high ticket program, you can make your money back rather quickly.

4. Business Growth- This is a great way to grow your business fast, and start seeing some results

Solo Ad Tips:

My 2 cents here, and if you listen, could save you a ton of cash, so take some notes, and get ready to run a successful solo ad:)

Focus on getting people to subscribe to your list with a solo ad..this should be your number one goal, and I will explain why in a minute.

I will pay you X amount of dollars for X amount of clicks is the best fee structure when dealing with solo ad vendors.

Top Tier Traffic is traffic from the following countries:

United States


New Zealand


United Kingdom

Remember, Top Tier Traffic will cost more, but top tier traffic are more likely to be buyers, and this is the traffic you want!

You want to focus on building your list, and not making money at first because with this method, the money is made on the back end……so get people on your list so you can follow-up with them, and you can market to them time and time again. Treat them well, provide value, and you will make a great living.

Where To Find Solo Ad Vendors:

So this is the route you wanna take, and now you have to sift through all the weasels to find a legit solo ads vendor with top tier traffic….

It ain’t easy, but I have sifted through several, and can help you:). Not only can I point you in the direction of a great vendor, but you already know one…me. LOL

Reach out to me if you need additional details.

Ok, if you want a few other great vendors to choose from, check out:

1. Warrior Forum

2. Facebook Groups

3. Skype Communities

Keep in mind:

You want to have vendors whose reputation precedes them, in a good way;).

DO your research, and make Google your new best friend. Take the time to find out what you want to know about the vendor & their business.

Research vendors for negative feedback from previous customers, and other complaints.

You want premium brokers & vendors, so you better work smart, and do your due diligence.

solo adQuestions To Ask Solo Ad Vendor?

1. When will you start delivering my clicks?

Don’t make the same mistake I did……the first time I ordered a solo ad I was such a genius, I didn’t ask this question. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and I was actually in the middle of editing my squeeze page, and the vendor had started sending me clicks….needless to say, I wasted some money on the first solo ad.

Make sure all of your links, and pages are ready to go when you submit the information to the vendor, Keep in mind that most vendors work on estimates, so they might tell you they will start delivering on Monday, but they actually start on Sunday night…..

2. Can I use my own swipe?

You essentially want to know if you can create your own email that will go out to the vendors list, or if they will be creating the email for you. There are advantages to both.

If you are a good copywriter, doing it yourself might get a better click through rate, however, the vendor knows their list very well, and they most likely have tested what works, and what offers work best for their list. Letting them write the swipe could be very beneficial as well.

I have done it both ways, and actually prefer the vendor take care of the swipe, but I am not an expert copywriter, so them doing the swipe works great for me:).

3. Have You Mailed For My Offer Within 2 Weeks?

You basically want to know if they mail for your offer often, and if they have mailed for it, was it successful???

Want to find a solo ad vendor without having to waste your money on bad vendors? I have a premium solo ad rolodex, and I can definitely recommend a few of my friends in the industry as well.

I started compiling my own list, and now as a customer I just use vendors on my list. Compiling a list has been a lifesaver for me!!

I  know what you are thinking, if I am a solo ad vendor, then why am I a customer too? As a solo ad vendor, there are times when I use other leaders in the industry to grow my list. It is a common practice, and an awesome traffic source to keep a super fresh and highly targeted list.

solo adsSolo Ads: Let’s Talk Money

Solo ads pricing runs from (~$.50-$1.50/click)

Make sure you always use tracking when dealing with solo ad vendors. You want to make sure that you are getting what you pay for!!

Keep great records, so when you find a vendor that’s good, you can negotiate long-term deals with them.

If you break even on the front end with your solo ad you are WAY ahead of the game! Remember, the money is in the follow-up.

You will rarely get someone to spend ALOT of money on the front end, but over time, they will get to know, trust, and like you, and they will become a great customer for your business.

The key is to make money, and re-invest the money into more traffic, and you will soon create the snowball effect, and grow your business.

Your Solo Ad Has Run, Now what?

Now that you have a few hundred potential customers, in this case opportunity seekers, in your auto-responder, now it’s time to get to know them:)

This is your time to shine……

Be unique, and let your personality shine. Make sure you are connecting with your list.

Facts tell, but stories sell, so tell alot of stories, and connect with the people on your list.

Offer low ticket offers on the front end for your list, and down the road, when they trust you, offer the higher ticket items for them to buy.

Solo Ads are a great way to grow your business! You should definitely consider this option if you are looking to fast track your way to success……they key is finding a great vendor, and tracking your numbers. Remember to build great relationships with your customers and provide them with exceptional value because they are the reason you are in business!

If this has gone way over your head, don’t worry. I am in the process of creating a training course just for you:).  You can reach out to me with a any questions, any time!

If solo ads aren’t for you, but you still want to grow your business just keep reading;)

customers are everything



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Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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