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business growthWhere Will You Find Your Next Opportunity For Business Growth?

If you are an entrepreneur, you know all too well about surprises!

Surprise, your advertising is gonna cost you more than you thought……

Surprise, you made an extra sale

Surprise, you need to do 10 more hours of work to reach your next goal, when you thought you were done……..

As an entrepreneur, by now you have learned to be flexible…….

Do Surprises Lead To Business Growth?

business growth surpriseThe founder of intuit, Scott Cook believes that the surprises you get in your business lead to opportunities for business growth.

So the next time you face a great challenge, disguised as a crappy surprise, meet it head on, and look for the opportunity in it.

The founder of Inuit believes that surprises are what has catapulted his company to what it is today.

If you are not familiar with Intuit, it is a very successful software company based in the USA that makes that develops financial software.

Surprises, even the ones you deem to be negative can be great, according to Cook…..

Let’s find out why…..

Business Growth: The Intuit Story

Intuit was founded in 1983 as a software company catering to personal finance.  Intuit began with it’s core product being Quicken.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Quicken.  This product truly dominates it’s industry, and put Inuit on the map.

The product catered to people needing software for their personal finance, but the company was smart enough to study customer trends, and they were surprised to find out that half of their customers were using the product for accounting in their small business.

So the product was meant to be used for personal finance, but they had small business owners using the product to help them with their small business accounting.


The company was smart enough to study trends of their customers, and this is awesome, but when they found out the trends, what did they do…..??

Jack didly-squ-wwwwwaaaaatttttt……

They didn’t do a single thing with the information…

Atleast not at first.

They sat on the information like a chicken sits on it’s eggs waiting for them to hatch…a long time……lol

4 long years later, and they decided to re-visit the customer trend, and this proved itself to be game changing for the company.

They asked the question, why in the world is our software being used by small business owners?

What they found was quite interesting…….

There was an obvious gap in the market for small business accounting product offerings.

Small businesses didn’t want to use vast software made for large businesses for their accounting needs, so they were relying on Quicken.

As entrepreneurs, they wanted a simple software that could address their business needs, and not an over-complicated large business software made for accountants, and math wizards.

business growth & surprisesCook recently said the following to Inc about surprises in business:

“When a surprise happens, either upside surprise or downside surprise, that’s the market speaking to you trying to tell you something you don’t yet know, so you need to listen.”

Surprises happen in business when you least expect it,

That’s why it’s called a surprise…..

But just because you are not looking for something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to it, when it knocks you over the “head” so to speak.

So let’s get back to what happened when they finally decided to act on their findings regarding customer trends…….

Business Growth: How Intuit Handled Their Surprise

Years passed, and Intuit finally decided to meet the market demand by creating Quickbooks.

Finally, an accounting solution for the small business owner……….

Today, Cook says that Quickbooks is over 11 times more popular than Quicken.

I personally know several small business owners, and Quickbooks is their go to software, as well as mine!

Business Growth: Lesson Learned From Intuit.

business growth surpriseWhen an opportunity presents itself, boy you better be ready to meet the challenge. Inuit is an extremely successful  company based on the USA, and they essentially delayed their growth, and larger success by 4 years by not acting on the initial surprise in trends that they found.

I love the quote to the left because I have passed up some opportunities in my career, and I realize that most of the time, the same opportunity doesn’t present itself in the same way twice.

The surprise Intuit found helped them to reach a level of success that was game changing for them.

They were met with a surprise, and they acted on it…..

If you read through my blog, I talk alot about taking action as a business owner, and I hope now that you see why……without taking action, NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING can happen!

Intuit switched gears, and started offering a product that was in serious demand, and this took their business to a whole new level.

Take advantage of surprises, and your possibilities are unlimited……

So do some studying as an entrepreneur….

Know your customers

Know your product

Know why your customers like your service or product

Learn what your customers think you can improve…….

Learn how to keep your customers by researching your customers in detail!

So what trends are you sitting on, what actions do you need to take on surprises that you have seen in your business?

You may be sitting on a level of success you can’t even imagine…….

Find your surprise!

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Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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