Catapult Your Business Blog With This FREE Plug-in

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Catapult Your Business Blog With This FREE Plug-in

Every Rose Has It’s Thorn…(I’m singing out loud)

I know I am showing my age here, but if you were around in the 80’s, then surely you have heard of my boys Poison! Just thought I would start this post off with a little flash back from the ole days…

Man that takes me back! LOL

Every rose has it’s thorn, and every blog should have it’s plug-ins;)

Ok, so I know I am kinda corny at times, but you LOVE it!

If you currently own a blog then cheers to you!

I LOVE meeting members of the blogging community, so feel free to leave your blog URL below so I can come check you out, and show you some love:).

Blogging is something I LOVE to do, and as bloggers have a great appreciation for each other.

Plug-ins WPAdding the right plug-ins to your blog, can increase your traffic, user experience, and help you meet your blogs’ goals.

Just in case you are a new blogger, or thinking about starting a blog, I will start with the basics, then I will move onto sharing the good stuff that will catapult your blog to the next level.

So let’s do this…..

What Are Plug-ins?

Plug-ins WPWordPress plugins can make it all happen for your site…they can make or break ya

Plug-ins are pieces of software that are either free or for cost (basically I use the one’s that are free with GREAT reviews).

Plug-ins extend the core capabilities of WordPress, and are easily installed by even the most non-technical, like myself;)

In simple terms, a plug-in is extra code put in place on your website.

If you were a technical whiz, you could actually put your own code in your functions.php file and get creative with what you need for your site.

Unfortunately, most of us have no clue how to write code, where to put the code, or anything else related to the technical side of our WordPress blogs.

Plug-ins are an awesome way to add functionality to your site without being a coder.

The wordpress plug-in directory houses almost all of the plug-ins you will need for your site.

If you were wishing and hoping that your site could….(you fill in the blank here)

I’m gonna tell you that there is probably a plug-in for that;). LOLwhat are Plug-ins?

Most things you can imagine, some smarty pants has already developed, so all we have to do is search!

It’s awesome!

Why Use Plug-ins:

Plug-ins WP why use them?There are so many functions that are hard for non-techy people such as myself who don’t know the first thing about coding, and the complexities of most software.

If you are not a technical person, then plug-ins help you ‘getter done’ on your blog without the tech knowledge.

Sky is the limit with WP plug-ins. You use plug-ins to enhance your site, and extend it’s functionality.

Use plug-ins to backup your site, for SEO, social media, get payments to your paypal account, security, contact forms, to make it pretty, and so much more.

What plug-in are you using on your blog that was a game changer for your site? I’d love to hear!

About This Plug-in WP Open Graph

Plug-ins WPIf you are posting useless images in social media, or less than appealing titles for your content, it doesn’t have to be that way……

This awesome plug-in allows you to choose the image, and headline for every post, so that when you share it on social media, you can optimize engagement, and encourage clicks with great headlines, and great images of your choice!

How this plug-in will catapult your business:

If you don’t use this plugin, when you post a blog post to social media, your Facebook for instance, it takes the image from wherever it wants…

Normally your side bar…..

Images are vitally important when you want to get engagement for your post, so having this plug-in will let you choose the rich snippet…aka the title and image that is shown when you post the image to social media…..

This is truly a game changer, and increased my traffic by 15% out of the gate! This is an awesome plug-in that works VERY well!!

How To Get This Plug-in

Plug-ins WPGo to plug-ins on your blog, then add new, and in the search bar type in: wp open graph. It should be the first choice (it has five stars) and is the only one named wp open graph

Click instal like you would any other plug-in…..

And Viola!

When you go to add a post, you will see the open graph plug-in at the end of the post.

WP Open Graph has been a game changer for me, and it will be for you too!

For additional information on this plug-in check this out:

Need more traffic to your site? Use the plug-in in conjunction with this lead gen system!

Need More Traffic For Your Site? Use The Plug-in Above In Conjunction With This Free Lead Generation System!

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!

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