3 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Guaranteed

by FYI Recruiting

3 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Guaranteed

increase website traffic

I dunno about you, but I want my websites & affiliate links to get so much traffic I can barely keep up with it all. Lol

I want visitors throwing themselves at me,



Like The Beatles groupies.beatles groupies

I wanna continue to learn new ways to work smarter, not harder.

Is that too much to ask?

Getting more traffic to a great site will get you more sales without necessarily more effort.


factHere’s a fact for you: If you don’t get traffic to your website, you will not get any eyeballs on your offer, product or service, and you will not make any moola…..

Don’t be the best kept secret in town, get your website seen!

If you wanna be the money makin’ maven I know you can be, just keep reading…

money makerProblems We Face When Increasing Website Visitors

  • Conflicting Advice- I know you have heard it all…drive traffic with PPC, social media, article writing, blogging, seo, PPV, and on and on and on.

With all of the methods out there it is hard to know what you should be focusing on and what direction you should be moving.

  • Not Enough Time To Learn All Methods-The trouble is, if you are like most online business owners, you are a one man operation, or a small team trying to do it all.

It’s hard to find enough hours in a day to sift through all of the different traffic options, and figure out which ones will be best for your business.

  • Time Consuming To Implement- figuring out the right methods are half the battle, actually implementing them can be a full-time job.

So let’s keep this super simple.


Why am I sharing this with you?

If you know me, then you know I like helping folks make cash, which is why I wanna share these 3 sleek and powerful ways to increase your website traffic fast.

success pathI am humbled by my online journey, and my prayer is to share some of the things I have learned along the way to help someone else on the path to their online success.

By the time you finish reading this post you will have learned how to keep the traffic flowing to all of your online real estate, aka your websites & links:).

The first order of business is to make sure that you have a great product, or atleast an awesome mentor that can show you the ropes on getting things set-up, and making the big bucks.

savory pot roastSo let’s dig into the warm pot roast…the top three ways to get more traffic to your website starting now.

(Sorry for the random pot roast pic, kinda hungry right now;)

**If you are new to traffic & lead generation, I would suggest focusing on only 1 or 2 methods until you master them, and then add additional methods.**

Get More Traffic To Your Website Fast By Creating It.

create itCreating traffic is the best way to start, if you are new to generating traffic. This will allow you to test your website content, and tweak as you go. Creating traffic takes more time, so this is NOT the fastest way to get traffic, but it’s the cheapest in terms of spending your cold hard cash-ola.

This is all about finding out where your target audience is, and meeting them there. You find them and then you gently present them with little bits of information to pique their curiosity and get them back to your site to get help and solve their problem.

The fastest method I have found to create traffic in my niche is in a major niche forum.

First you should make sure that in your profile and your signature you add a link to your website. Next, you need to spend time on the forum helping people with their questions. Really position yourself as an expert, and invite people back to your site for more information. I can easily generate 25-50 leads per day doing this.

Now that might not sound like a lot, but these are targeted leads here…

How would an extra 25 highly targeted leads looking at your product, service, offer or website work for ya?

Let me just tell ya,

It works really well, and means more cash in your pocket!

So when you’re creating traffic you definitely have to put more effort into

getting the traffic to you, but this type of traffic is very targeted.

As long as you’ve really narrowed down who it is you’re targeting, and where

they’re hanging out.

Make sure you understand who your target market actually is…this is super duper important.

To find out more about narrowing down your target market, check out this post.

Shae Baxter really nails it when talking about knowing who your ideal customer is.

It's freeThe good news about creating traffic, is it’s going to take

time, and energy, but it’s not going to cost you any money.

I see you smiling! No cost is a very nice PLUS. Lol

When creating traffic, make sure you are being consistent and continually drive

traffic back to your website.

When done consistently this will help you generate all the traffic you need.

Once you create the traffic use email marketing to get

people back to your site over, and over, and over, and over.

It’s not just about creating a visitor, it’s about creating return

visitors as well.

Get More Traffic To Your Website Fast By Borrowing It.

something borrowedBorrowing traffic is a real baller move.

Borrowing isn’t just reserved for a good luck charm on your wedding day,

Borrowing is an amazing way to get all the traffic you want!

The second way to get traffic is you can borrow traffic…

This means you go and find people who already developed a relationship with your target audience,

and you ask them to send those folks your way.

This is also known as joint venture or affiliate marketing.

Now when you start out, a lot of people have questions about how this works.

thinkingYou might be thinking, well how on earth can I persuade someone who has a list to send those people over to my website?

Well it can be done, but you need to approach people in the right way.

Never ever just approach someone with a list, and say “Hey I’m launching this new product, will you promote it to your list?”

That’s absolutely the worst way to approach a potential list owner.

You want to approach them focusing on “what’s in it for them”

Your product, service or offer needs to be complimentary to what they offer, and awesome enough that they will want to endorse it.

If it is beneficial to their customers, and will make them look good, they WILL partner with you.

So that’s how you borrow traffic.

Get more traffic to your website fast by buying it.

buy itThe final way to get traffic is to open up your pocket book and put your money where your mouth is…

If you have the cash, this will be the fastest way to get traffic to your site. Paid advertising is a beautiful thing, and by paying, you pretty much have an unlimited number of leads coming in on any day you want them.

These days I get most of my paid traffic through solo ads, and facebook.

Solo Ads are awesome because you can literally get in front of highly targeted people on demand.

If you are in the make money online, business opportunity, or work from home niche, and need highly targeted traffic, click here now.

Facebook is great because it allows you to get really targeted with finding your perfect audience.

price is rightFor example you can target women who have pre-school age children and watch Price Is Right.

Now how is that for targeting! This is truly a game-changer.

My approach in marketing is…

“I have something awesome to offer people, they just don’t know about me yet.”

Help them find out about you!

Which Traffic Getting Method should I choose?

what should i chooseNow you have 3 great methods to get more traffic to your website fast.

You can create it, borrow it, or buy it.

What I would say about buying traffic is that it’s best to do that after you’ve tested out your

conversion strategy, and you know that when people come to your website

they are taking the action you want them to take.

(opting in to your page, buying your product, ect)

If you don’t know that yet, if you haven’t had a chance to

test out whether what you’re offering is really working,

you’re probably better off starting with creating traffic


Now think about which method is going to be best for you.

Which method is the right fit for where you are right

now in your business?

show me the moneyAre you beginning to see how getting traffic fast will change your life and your pocket book?

Uncovering secrets to online success doesn’t hurt too much either. Lol

My friend Nikki was skeptical but she used just the forum marketing method in the create section that I shared, and she was amazed at how easily she got more traffic, and more results from her site.

Obviously you can see how using these 3 methods will clearly make you more money…

That’s friggin’ huge.

seo tips take actionWell now that you have 3 awesome methods, it’s time for you to go take action my friend.

Don’t let a week pass by without getting more traffic to your websites!

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

~Steve Jobs

Today I’ve shared with you 3 ways you can increase website traffic.

Now go spread your wings and fly…

Go change your life and your business.

If you have questions about anything, reach out to me here, or on facebook.

Until Next Time……….

Remember, It’s NOT easy, but it IS worth it!





-Kay “Helping You Increase Your Traffic” Gambrell

“I Teach You How To Get More Customers For Your Business, & Make More Money Using The Internet!”

P.S Just imagine how much traffic you are going to receive when you implement the tips I’ve shared with you!

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